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New Slip-Stop Tiles | Felice & Coldina by Portino

Introducing Felice & Coldina – The New Slip-Stop Tiles by Portino

The Slip-Stop collection and Portino family just got bigger! Portino is proud to introduce Felice, the terrazzo tiles collection that is also a first for the Portino brand, and Coldina, the exquisite grey marble tiles. These new Portino Slip-Stop tiles are now available for purchasing or booking at any Portino dealership.

Felice: Celebration of Life

From the coastal town of Venice comes a unique floor and wall covering that celebrates the exuberance and varied colours of life. The Felice collection of tiles by Portino brings this vivacious spirit to your interiors with a modern twist, adding fun and colour where you so desire. Available in 60x60cm in a variety of designs, Portino Felice tiles is all about the little things that bring joy to life.

Coldina: Captivating the Senses

Coldina, the grey marble tile from Portino, sets out to introduce the natural beauty of Tuscan stone to your surroundings. Inspired by Grigio Collemandina, the captivating veined stone with a naturally brown surface that is speckled with dark spots, Coldina by Portino imbues your interiors with a sense of mystery and gravitas.

Be inspired with the gallery below:

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