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New Tile Surface | Introducing Micro Structured

New Tile Surface | Introducing Micro Structured  

Style and Safety with Micro Structured Surfaces 

The Micro Structured surface reinvents the traditionally structured surface by achieving the same effect through a high-tech glaze, which allows for the creation of highly intricate designs that combines the traditional feel of a structured surface with the luxurious tactile feel of embossed surfaces. With anti-slip properties, Micro Structured is also suitable for outdoor and wet area applications. 

Experience Micro Structured with Nouvelle, the iconic & timeless tiles from Niro Granite.

Structured Surface with Glaze: New glazing technique is used to achieve detailed characteristics of natural stones on the structured surface. 

Anti-Slip Effect: Keeps you safe in wet areas, indoors and outdoors with slip ratings of P3 More info on slip ratings 

Higher Stain Resistance: The new technology ensures the tile has higher stain-resistance properties, making it easy to clean 

Need more information on this or other tile technologies? 

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