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New Tile Surface | Introducing Silky

New Tile Surface | Introducing Silky  

Silky – Smooth & Sensational 

Introducing the latest innovation from Niro Ceramic Group tiles – the perfect blend of soft matt and polished surfaces. With its non-reflective and smooth-to-the-touch feel, Silky tiles create a remarkable aesthetic appeal for any space. 

Enjoy the luxurious comfort underfoot, as Silky’s surfaces are designed to be softer on the heels. Additionally, these tiles are incredibly easy to clean and boast exceptional scratch resistance, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. 

Transform your space with the captivating vein patterns on Silky tiles that reflect the strong character of the tile design created through new technology, allowing your environment to stand out effortlessly. 


Sensational: As smooth as a glossy surface yet soft to the touch 


Scratch Resistant: Increased resistance to scratches and wear and tear 

Easy Cleaning: Stain resistance makes for hassle-free cleaning 

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