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Niro Granite – Biophilic Urbanity

Central Park: Biophilic Urbanity

Out of the concrete jungle comes the green city, the modern expression of biophilic urbanity. Both the natural and the built environment are cultivated to thrive together in harmony, each supporting the other to achieve their greatest aesthetic and functional potentials. 

Niro Granite is proud to unveil new tile collections that represent the synthesis of these two worlds, creating a new definition of urban living that places the human connection with nature at the centre. With the look and feel of natural materials imprinted onto the very surface of these tiles, nature has never been closer.

Presenting New Slip-Stop Tile:
The Living Stone

Bearing the distinctive characteristics of Ceppo di Grethe Balkan stone famous for its agglomerated appearance with ochre- and black-coloured ovules against a beige backdrop, the Bergamo collection by Niro Granite brings tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor in various sizes for floor and wall applications. With the addition of the Slip-Stop surface, Niro Granite’s Bergamo tiles are here to make their presence known and felt in both commercial and residential designs.

Introducing Legnix
Touch of Nature

The sturdy and timeless outlook of natural elm is realised through the Legnix collection of tiles by Niro Granite. Featuring the characteristics of brown shades as well as the fibrous and chained veins of elm wood, a connection and closeness to nature can be felt through this collection. Legnix by Niro Granite is suitable for any spaces wherever the connection of nature is appreciated. 

Unveiling Tangle Stone
Connecting the Natural and Material Worlds

Inspired by the uniquely weathered textures and grainy nature of sandstone, Tangle Stone tiles by Niro Granite combines comfort with striking visual beauty to bring you a new experience. With a focus on forging a connection between the tranquil beauty of the outdoors and the aesthetical expression of material spaces, the Niro Granite Tangle Stone collection offers a distinctive design-led perspective for both interiors and exteriors floor and walls. 

NEW: I’Pietra GIP4B

Gracing the I’Pietra collection with its presence is the all-new Alpine Black design, available in 30x60cm and 60x60cm with lappato and structured surfaces. View the updated page by clicking the link below.

Be inspired with the gallery below:

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