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Portino – Creativity Without Boundaries

Portino – Creativity Without Boundaries

Natural Inspiration
Translated Through Digital Technology

There are no limits to creativity with digital print technology. Every tile size and every possibility imagined can now become a reality.

With the introduction of digital ink, a new realm of possibilities has been unveiled. No longer limited by the natural colour of its raw materials, the modern tile can be produced with incredible detail and precision to become anything you want: a slab of stone, a plank of wood, or a work of art.

Beyond the visual aesthetics, the tactile presence of mother nature is also translated to these exquisite surfaces, unlocking a new dimension of sensation.

With revolutionary technology that introduces a new way of imprinting textures onto the surfaces of tiles, the natural world is now closer than ever before. Feel the fine grains and subtle granules for yourself – and believe it.

Unveiling Portino Plus
The Towering Beauty

With its prominent stature and distinctive nature, Portino unveils Portino Plus to add a new expression of vastness to your space.

Introducing Eleganz
Simply Stylish

Introducing Eleganz
Simply Stylish

Elegance is truly timeless with this collection of polished marble tiles. The monochromatic shades of Eleganz are accentuated with contrasting veins that create a lovely coursing effect, ideal for creating an uninterrupted flow throughout your space.

NEW: Como Matt Surfaces

The refreshing beauty of Como is receiving an update with the introduction of matt surfaces to selected designs. View the updated page by clicking the link below.

Wood Inspirations

Albar: Where Serenity Meets Timelessness

Albar is a collection inspired by Quercus Alba, an oak indigenous to the American continent which lifespan runs up to hundreds of years. With its captivating veining that is strong yet delicate, it is the ideal choice for restoring a sense of balance and serenity to one’s life with a statement of timeless serenity.

Madeira: Idyllic by Nature

Drawing the inspiration from timber, Madeira is a wood collection by Portino that recognises and makes reference to the beauty of mother nature. With its richly natural characteristics, this collection is suitable for those who are interested in bringing the wonders of nature into their lifestyles.

Be inspired with the gallery below:

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