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Portino Welcomes New Additions to Its Tile Collection 

Portino Welcomes New Additions to Its Tile Collection 

The Portino family just got bigger! We are excited to introduce 6 exciting new additions to Portino’s range. Immerse yourself in the beauty of 2 new Slip-Stop collections, offering safety and sophistication in one package. Plus, explore a stunning array of natural designs inspired by the elegance of stone and marble. Browse the latest Portino collections now: 

Rocka – Safety In Strength 

Meet Rocka, the stone surface Slip-Stop tiles with a distinctive veiny look on its neutral shades. Rocka tiles come with anti-slip features that help you stay safe while staying stylish, making it an ideal choice for outdoor installation, whether as wall tiles or floor tiles.

La-Borne – Colours of the Earth 

Born of the essence of the earth, La-Borne by Portino is a collection of tiles that celebrate the varied and wonderful colours of nature, inspired by the unique look of French stones. Portino La-Borne tiles are designed to blend right into natural environments, and come with the Slip-Stop anti-slip infusion that keeps you safe when wet.

Vermeer – The Art of Inspiration 

Vermeer by Portino adopts its name from the famed Dutch painter who was known for his photorealistic paintings that were coloured with grey and monochromatic shades and glazed with saturated colours. Portino Vermeer tiles embrace these ideals with a structured limestone surface that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Neutra – Simple Necessities  

Less is truly more with Neutra, the minimalist tiles from Portino that luxuriates in its simplicity. Portino Neutra tiles are perfect for indoor applications on both floors and walls with its muted shades which play well with other colours and elements.

Edina – Go For Gold 

Inspired by the varied colours of limestone, Edina tiles by Portino feature an exquisite range and depth of expression, from mottles of orange and yellow with veins of ivory and gold. Portino Edina tiles radiate a comfortable yet regal opulence, adding a temperate charm to your surroundings.

Liquida – Find Your Flow 

The coursing flow of marble inspires the outlook of Liquida, the marble tiles from Portino. The coursing veins of Liquida tiles evoke the sense of moving waters, inspiring progress and motion. Boasting a deep and mysterious allure, Portino Liquida tiles are perfect for feature walls, or general floor and wall applications.

Find these tiles and more at a Portino Dealer near you. 

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