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Reasons To Choose Anti Slip Tiles For Your Space

Reasons To Choose Anti Slip Tiles For Your Space

If you’re looking to buy and install tiles for your home spaces (especially your bathroom), one of the main concerns will probably be safety which we will discover about anti slip tiles in this article.

While most homes feature different types of tiling for its different spaces (such as bathrooms vs bedrooms), some spaces require tiles that are specially-built for certain purposes. This is especially true for bathroom tiles – they should always be anti slip!

As anti slip tiles play an important role in general safety of bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors, this comprehensive guide will help you find out all there is to know about anti slip tiles, their different benefits and how to stylishly match your anti slip tiles with the rest of your home spaces!


What Are Anti Slip Tiles?

In simple terms, anti slip tiles are specially-designed tiling material that is made to reduce the risk of slipping and injury.

The anti slip properties are often created by first utilising non-smooth surfaces to texture the tile itself. In this case, when water or any other types of liquid is present, you are less likely to slip and have the confident feeling of still standing on your feet!

While most anti slip tile surfaces will feel textured and less smooth to the touch when compared to standard tiles, Niro Granite’s Slip Stop tiles are smooth on the surface and they are just as durable and stylish as most other tiles out there in the market.

To help you identify the right ones, tiles are tested for its slip resistance and are given ratings to denote its suitability for the application area, which makes it easier to choose tiles that can better protect you from slips and falls at your home.

One of the more important ratings to look at is Pendulum Test (P) ratings. This rating helps identify the frictional resistance of the tile itself, with 1 being the least and 5 being the best.

In this case, most anti slip tiles with Pendulum Test (P) Ratings of 3 and above will be an excellent choice to add safety and style as well as being low-maintenance in terms of cleaning!

What Are The Benefits Of Anti Slip Tiles?

There are many reasons for choosing and installing anti slip tiles in your home, especially in areas such as your bathroom and wet kitchen. Some of them include:

benefits of anti slip tiles

1) Enjoy peace of mind and safety

As mentioned, wet floors and slipping are the most common source of injuries in homes today. As kitchens and bathrooms are generally the busiest areas of any home, choosing anti slip tiles can protect you and your family, including the elderly and children, from falling and injuring themselves.

2) They are often low-maintenance and fuss-free

Due to their anti slip properties and high PEI ratings, anti slip tiles are also incredibly easy to clean as they repel water and moisture build-up. In fact, most maintenance of anti slip tiles only require a light mopping with detergent and that’s about it! This makes your home space not just low risk, but also low maintenance!


3) They can be adapted to other parts of your home too

While anti slip tiles are typically found in bathrooms and kitchens, they also work well in hallways, porches, patios and around swimming pools!

Think of them as adaptable tiles that are perfect for any part of your home that has the potential of water and liquid spilled.

Anti slip tiling ensures everyone at home stays safer!

Anti slip tiles don’t have to look ugly if you’re looking for them at the right tiles shop

Prioritizing safety doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Anti slip bathroom tiles can be stylishly fitted to your bathroom if you start off with great quality tiles in the first place!

At Niro Ceramic Group, we have revolutionised our tiles with the Slip-Stop technology where the tiles have a smooth surface when dry but increases its friction in wet conditions.

Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior anti slip, high-quality and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you style your home to its full potential!

Speak to us today – visit our website at https://nirogranite.com if you are looking for anti slip tiles or our revolutionised Slip-Stop tiles!

Need help choosing Anti-Slip Tiles for your Space?

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