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Small Bathrooms that are Big on Style

Small Bathrooms that are Big on Style

Bathrooms are where most would start and finish each day, making it one of the most important spaces to set the tone right. It’s also a good place to decompress with relaxing showers and can be a place where inspiration strikes. While a smaller bathroom may feel not so glamorous, with the right tricks it can still be a strong contender for your favourite room in the house.

Darker shades bring depth to the space​

Wait, what? We’ve always been taught that bright colours lighten up spaces, but recent ID styles have used darker shades, like those on Imperium, in small spaces to create depth and create an illusion of a larger space. Dark hues evoke the feeling of looking up at the big night sky and bounce lights all around the bathroom. However, do carefully consider the placement of your light fixtures, as attention will be drawn to them.

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Bright colours lighten up the space to create a bigger feel​

In the design world, it’s a well-known fact that light and bright colours can make a small room look bigger through the optical illusion that it creates. Light, bright wall tiles like Lux 4.0 are more reflective, maximising natural light for bathrooms with windows. For windowless bathrooms, adequate lighting will do the trick.

A bathroom with light colour tiles
A bathroom with patterned tiles

Big mirrors create an illusion of a bigger space through light reflections​

It’s another well-known fact – mirrors can make a small bathroom look larger and more open. Try angling your mirror towards a focal point to create the illusion of depth. Both natural and artificial lighting will create reflections on the mirror, making the bathroom brighter. For maximum space-creating effect, try using a wall-to-wall mirror.

Glass shower doors create a space without boundaries​

While shower curtains are popular, they unfortunately block away a whole section of your bathroom, which creates that small-space feeling. Alternatively, you might consider opting for glass shower doors to keep the full bathroom view visible, which produces that spacious feel.

Go big in small spaces

Paradoxically, going big on your wall tiles could elevate your small bathroom spaces entirely. Large format tiles like Vogue Grande can cover your whole wall with just a few pieces, giving a grand and opulent feeling and making a statement like no other.

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