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Styles of Kitchen Backsplash That You Wish You Knew Sooner

Styles of Kitchen Backsplash That You Wish You Knew Sooner

Ask any homeowner about which space of their home deserves the most attention to detail in planning, and you’ll get a common answer – the kitchen! It’s often the most-utilized area of your home that buzzes with activity daily. Hence, advanced planning and design of your kitchen will go a long way to make your kitchen friendlier to cook and clean.

In fact, if you’re an avid cook at your home kitchen, you’ll know that your kitchen backsplash is the unsung hero of your kitchen’s cleanliness! While countertops and cabinets hog the spotlight in design, the kitchen backsplash is the true test of a functional kitchen and its capability in handling daily meals and special occasions.

What Exactly Is A Kitchen Backsplash?

A kitchen backsplash is a vertical panel that is installed behind a particular workstation of your kitchen. To put it simply, it’s the wall behind the surface of where you prepare and cook food, as well as the washing up after!

The reason behind the necessity of a kitchen backsplash is simple – it protects the wall at a space where spills & splatters of various substances (raw food, grease, acids, soap and etc.) as well as high humidity and heat happens on a daily basis!

As your standard kitchen drywall can be damaged significantly if exposed to these elements over the long term, a kitchen backsplash can protect the wall from deterioration. It can also help you maintain a cleaner kitchen by making those workstations easier to clean!

1. Exotic Patterns In Harmony

Here’s a beautiful kitchen backsplash design that you’ll never get tired of seeing every day.

A stunning fusion of aesthetically-pleasing patterns that runs across every tile, this mix-and-match style of a kitchen backsplash plays with pattern to create an artful and exotic look to their home kitchen.

It’s a perfectly simple, yet feasible way of weaving patterns that are also in harmony, giving your kitchen backsplash a wonderful blend of natural colours and patterns that would impress even the most staunch of minimalist and industrialist!

2. Strong Lines & Solid Dimensions

For those who prefer strong statements and elegant simplicity, this kitchen backsplash style of less is more makes for a kitchen that is both functional yet pleasing to the eye.

With its tiles in neutral colours in simple matt finishes, it’s a solid display of geometic lines that opens up your kitchen space without any hint of clutter and mess – the usual culprits of a home kitchen!

3. Keeping It Simple And Silent

As mentioned above, not all kitchen backsplashes need to be the centrepiece of the kitchen. Sometimes, they can be the silent worker of your kitchen that performs its function while your kitchen countertop or kitchen island gets all the attention!

That said, you could opt for these simple matt-finished and structured tile designs that will do the job of protecting your kitchen walls perfectly, yet is simply pleasing to look at.

Looking for a gorgeous & high-quality kitchen backsplash?

While kitchen backsplash designs are highly customizable, you should always consider it from its key functionality – that’s to prevent spills and protects the kitchen drywall from moisture and stains!

If you’re looking for beautiful tiles to build a kitchen backsplash panel of your dreams, give Niro Granite – one of the tiles shop in Selangor a try.

Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets your kitchen be the talk of the town!

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