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Styles of Terrazzo Tiles That Impresses Your Guests

Styles of Terrazzo Tiles That Impresses Your Guests

In the world of interior design, terrazzo tiles are making waves right now. With their unique texture and stunning looks, it’s easy to see why terrazzo tiles are not only making a comeback to architects and designers today – it’s here to stay.

As design styles come and go, the buzz around terrazzo tiles is a reflection of the current homeowner’s dilemma – to have a home that is a playful expansion of the concrete industrial and minimalist style that has been the go-to style in Malaysia for some time now.

In fact, terrazzo tiles from Malaysia’s most-popular tile shops are allowing young, visually-driven homeowners to embrace different colours, textures and bespoke finishes that can suit a variety of tastes in home interior design.

Not only are they a great way to add interesting designs to a space, terrazzo tiles themselves are beautiful, and are a cost-effective alternative to using natural stone.

But Aren’t Terrazzo Tiles Just For Bathrooms?

While they’re traditionally mainly used for bathrooms, there’s no stopping them from being utilized everywhere, including floors in main living areas, floor-to-ceiling in bathrooms, feature walls, bench tops and patios. The list is endless!

3 Terrazzo Tiles Styles That Will Impress Your Guest

1) Make Warm Colours and Tones Pop

Terrazzo look tiles pair well with warm color schemes because they can appear ‘cold’. These tiles come in cool and neutral colors that you can brighten up with warm, earthy tones and flashes of color in your interior design.

Pick a color scheme that has a bright pop and even pair it with a warm wood colours. You can also play with different shades of warm lighting to make the space elegant, yet incredibly cozy.

2) Use Terrazzo Tiles As An Alternative To Stone And Wood

The classic pairing of stone colours and warm wood never fails.

Hence, even though terrazzo tiles are manufactured, their multi-toned look makes them appear very organic like they are made of stone!

This enables them to complement your wood pieces of furniture very well while being much more cost effective than stone! In this instance, the wood cabinets becomes the standout feature and tiles act as a good supporting character to the stunning cabinet colour.

When using terrazzo tiles, you have the flexibility to opt for materials that have a more dramatic appearance as they are balanced by the subtlety of the tiles themselves!

3) Play With Soft Textures And Warming Elements

While they are mostly simple and elegant in design, terrazzo tiling can make a room feel very cold.

For this reason, many savvy designers choose to make use of texture (such as a luxurious sofa or a marble table) or accompanying decoration pieces (such as a vase of flowers) to make the space look warmer.

For example, a grey couch can give your living room a luxurious feel and softens up a room. You can also opt for rugs, curtains and other textiles that can warm up the space that is tiled beautifully with terrazzo!

Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Guests With Niro Granite Terrazzo Tiles

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Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets your home be the talk of the town!

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