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Terrazzo Flooring Tile For Your Home

Terrazzo Flooring Tile For Your Home

Some interior design trends never go out of style. Think of marble surfaces and geometric patterns.

Well, we’re here to tell you the delightfully speckled terrazzo-like tile is one such classic!

We’re seeing terrazzo used everywhere from kitchen bench tops, to furniture, and of course, flooring tiles.

If you love the look, let’s discover more about what terrazzo flooring tiles are, the different ways you can use them and what are the benefits of using terrazzo-like tiles!

What is terrazzo flooring tile and what types are there

What is terrazzo flooring tile and what types are there

The key distinction between real terrazzo flooring tiles and a terrazzo-look tile (aka ‘terrazzo-printed’ that’s generally made of ceramic or porcelain) is the actual material of the tile itself.

Real terrazzo is a composite stone, made from a mixture containing chips of recycled glass as well as materials like marble, granite and quartz, all held together by a composite binder.

Available in an almost limitless array of colours, it comes in various types. It’s generally much thicker, around 20mm, to prevent it from cracking.

On the other hand, terrazzo-like tiles are terrazzo patterns that are applied onto a porcelain tile. That’s thanks to technology that has come a long way and many terrazzo-like tiles are incredibly realistic!

What are the different ways you can use designs of terrazzo flooring tiles for your home?

  • Incorporate warm colours and tones in your design

Terrazzo-look tiles pair well with warm colour schemes because they can appear ‘cold’.

These tiles come in cool and neutral colours that you can brighten up with flashes of color in your interior design.

Pick a colour scheme that has bright, bold colors such as pink, yellow and green. You can also play with different shades of the same colour.

Designs of terrazzo flooring tile often have a slightly reflective surface and will reflect a bit of that colour to the rest of the room.


  • Incorporate stone and wood into your design

Terrazzo and wood or timber complement each other perfectly as the two vastly different textures marry together to provide interest and dimension in a room.

Look for pieces that combine the two in interesting ways!

Even though terrazzo-look tiles are manufactured, their multi-toned look makes them appear very organic like they are made of stone.

This enables them to complement the wood very well. Terrazzo tiles also work well with stone interior decorations. When choosing stone ornaments to go with these tiles, opt for subtler materials that have a more dramatic appearance to prevent them from clashing with the tiles.


  • Incorporate soft textures into your design

Terrazzo tiling can make a room feel very cold.

For some, this is the intended effect and you can lean into it or you can try to use texture to make it look warmer.

Velvet is a fabric that gives a room a luxurious feel and softens up room. You can have velvet couches, rugs or if you’re really tactful, like curtains.

There are many other textiles that have the same effect and with a bit of research, you can use textures to your advantage.

Incorporate warm colours and tones in your design
Incorporate stone and wood into your design

What are the advantages of printed terrazzo flooring tiles?

  • Terrazzo suits any room

While terrazzo is traditionally used for flooring and is commonly found in trendy bathrooms, it can be used in many versatile ways.

Its interesting surface pattern and durability make it suitable for most uses, so let your imagination run wild and produce a cool effect by incorporating it in unaccepted ways in your home!

  • Printed terrazzo tiles are much more affordable than real terrazzo tiles

There are a few downsides to real terrazzo. Price is a big one! It generally costs much more than terrazzo-look tiles.

You also need to consider the cost of installation as real terrazzo is likely to be more expensive than terrazzo-look porcelain tiles too.

  • Printed terrazzo tiles are easier to manage and can be used anywhere

The thickness of real terrazzo tiles can be another downside, as it needs to be planned for from the start of a project.

In renovations, it may not always be possible to use real terrazzo on the floor. If it merges into another space, or otherwise an angle or other product may be needed to prevent a trip hazard.

Maintenance is probably the biggest factor to be aware of. Most real terrazzo tiles are porous, and even when sealed they can be unsuitable for areas like a shower

Terrazzo suits any room

Looking for gorgeous & high-quality terrazzo flooring tiles for your home?

Printed terrazzo flooring tiles are great for designs as they are highly customisable, affordable and easy to maintain!

If you’re looking for beautiful printed terrazzo tiles to build a home of your dreams, give Niro Granite a try. Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you customize and design your kitchen to its full potential!

Speak to us today – visit our website at https://www.nirogranite.com

Need help finding high quality Terazzo Tiles for your home?

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