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The Biggest Tile Trends In 2023

The Biggest Tile Trends In 2023

As we move into 2023, the world of tile design is evolving to embrace new trends and aesthetics. From the bold use of color to sustainable materials, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for those looking to incorporate tiles into their design projects. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the biggest tile trends that are expected to dominate in the coming year. Whether you’re a homeowner, a designer, or a builder, this is your chance to stay ahead of the curve and create something truly special.

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Soft / Neutral / Earthy

From traditional to rustic and modern, a variety of styles lean on soft, neutral, and earthy colours to sculpt a natural and soothing atmosphere. While lending a sense of warmth and cosiness, these also act as a neutral background that helps unify different design elements and also translate well to outdoor spaces for a seamless transition between the interior and exterior worlds.


Light-coloured / Medium Grey

clean and contemporary aesthetic can be achieved with the inclusion of  light coloured or grey tiles, which blend well into the background and create  a canvas for other design elements to shine through.

In larger spaces, the application of these tiles as a motif creates a sense of continuity, as well as elegance and sophistication


Warm Tones

For a cosy and inviting atmosphere, especially spaces with a Mediterranean or rustic  inspiration, warm-toned tiles add visual interest and make rooms feel more spacious.

A secondary use of warm-tone tiles is as an accent, whether as a feature wall or together with  other neutral-toned tiles



The smooth and minimally reflective surface  has been a favourite for the creation of modern  and minimalist aesthetics.

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns,  the design options are limitless and lend themselves  especially well to natural-looking surfaces.



The depth and distinction of matt tiles, combined with the flawlessly smooth surface of polished  tiles – the introduction of silky surface tiles represent a shift in the hierarchy of tiles.

The modern and sleek look of silky tiles make them an obvious candidate for contemporary and minimalist  spaces, while their porcelain bodies also make them suitable for high-traffic areas



Through modifications in the production process, micro-structured tiles boast extremely  fine and subtle textures and patterns across their surface, with outlooks that can range  from geometric or organic.

The versatility of these tiles make them well-suited for a range of applications, from contemporary minimalism to traditional elegance, and can be applied on the floors and walls of both internal and  external areas

MOOD: Natural & Ecological with Plant Display

Botanical charm comes into focus for the new wave of interior designers, opting to  make eco statements with the inclusion of plant displays and nature-inspired design tiles  made possible by digital printing.

The touch of nature when paired with different lighting moods may evoke themes ranging from  tropical to Mediterranean in nature while retaining a cohesive and polished look in both indoors  and outdoors.

MOOD: Combo Layout with Strong Focus on Styling

The combination of wood with other elements is taking over  the creation of cohesive and visually interesting spaces, that  showcase the designer’s skill to artfully navigate the intersection of balance and contrast.

The unique properties of stone, marble, and concrete are particularly effective when paired with wood, adding depth and rich textures that
imbue the space with warmth and elegance

MOOD: Simple & Clean Look, Sanctuary Comfort

The new thrust of interior design emphasises spaces that are not only visually pleasing  but also emotionally comforting, shifting the focus onto creating peaceful atmospheres that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being.

The realisation of these spaces is often achieved through the use of natural elements such as  wood, stone, and greenery, paired with soft and warm colours and textures to form a holistic approach toward promoting a sense of calm and serenity.


A natural and earthy feel is created in interiors wherever stone tiles are used, making them particularly well-suited for rustic or farmhouse-style interiors.

The advent of new-age stone spells a new era of surfaces that mimic the look and feel of natural stones, yet boast added durability,
consistency, and versatility to make a low-maintenance option for interior designers everywhere.


The distinctive character of travertine marble makes a triumphant return to interior spaces in 2023, bringing with
it the unique shades of beige, cream, and bone to add warmth and texture to spaces.

The unique pattern and colour variations of travertine can be used to create a sense of luxury and elegance on its own, yet it  also plays well with other natural materials, such as wood and stone


The exquisite stone that has become synonymous with traditional elegance and sophistication now takes on a rare new look with shades of green, reminiscent of an emerald when viewed in glossy reflection.

The large format variants of these tiles are made even more impressive with their uncommon colour, and can be paired well with elements from the natural surroundings.


More durable and versatiles than traditional wood floorings, wood tiles have emerged to take over the spaces where wood
floors are not typically possible, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or high-traffic areas.

Warmth and texture can be added with their natural aesthetics, perfect for both residential and commercial spaces in a variety of design styles.


The introduction of oxide pigments to tiles designs makes  unique, multicoloured, and textured appearances possible – the evolution of timber, concrete, and metal designs.

Bearing a look that is distinctively rustic and vintage, they can be paired with other elements to create a bold look that leans towards industrial settings, although highly polished outcomes are also possible


Ever a popular choice, modern and sophisticated aesthetics are made possible with the clean lines and bold patterns of geometric tiles.

They present themselves as the ideal accompaniment to floors and statement walls, as well as backsplashes where they can create a sense of depth and dimension


With clean and geometric shapes, square format tiles remain popular for their flexibility and ability to create grid patterns that add up to modern, clean, and sophisticated aesthetics.

Monochromatic or bold and colourful designs are both viable options with square format tiles


For traditional and rustic aesthetics, plank format tiles are used to emulate wood flooring and create a sense of warmth and texture within a space.

While skilful handling of these long tiles is necessary, they make unconventional tiles laying patterns possible, along with more complex design concepts


Super sleek and super modern, slim tiles are the material of choice in hotels or commercial space lobbies, where their semi-large formats can create the impression of bigger and more open spaces.

Advances in the production process have made these tiles increasingly durable with high compressive strengths, allowing for application even in high-traffic areas. The weight of these tiles allows for better scaling and the minimal height allows for installation on existing floors without removing them.


Whether as functional flooring or decorative elements, thick tiles remain relevant by virtue of their durability and gravitas.

Highly resistant to wear and tear and near impossible to break under normal use, they also add to the aesthetics of the space with their warmth and texture that lend well to rustic and traditional looks


Specifically designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls, Slip-Stop continue to be adopted in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas.

With a special infusion that increases the coefficient of friction in the presence of water, Slip-Stop keeps individuals safe, while new designs affirm their versatility for installation on walls as well as floors both indoors and outdoors

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