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The Difference between Porcelain vs Ceramic tile

The Difference between Porcelain vs Ceramic tile

When we shop for tiles, we often hear about porcelain and ceramic tiles. More often than not, both types of tiles look the same! Read on to know the differences.

The way both ceramic and porcelain tiles are produced and their looks are pretty much the same. Both porcelain and ceramic tile manufacturers follow the same fundamental methodology that has been used for thousands of years – from shaping clay to firing temperatures and more. Although Ceramic and porcelain tiles are quite similar in nature, small tweaks in combining the raw materials, temperature, and firing time during production can result in many variations with their own unique characteristics.

The differences between ceramic and porcelain will then affect the selection of tiles based on the application area, purpose, and budget. The differences between porcelain vs ceramic tiles are listed below:

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