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Zirconio Stone, emerging from a brand of Spanish origin under Niro Ceramic Group, combines large format sintered stone in timeless elegant designs.

Featuring distinct veins and patterns, each piece exhibits the allure of natural stone alongside durability achieved through meticulous sintering craftsmanship. This new range is set to provide a canvas for aesthetic brilliance and strength, redefining bespoke design beyond floor and wall applications.

The prominence of Niro Ceramic Group’s latest addition in modern furniture design is attributed to its exceptional properties, positioning it as an innovative product that serves as an alternative to conventional materials.

Its non-porous surface resists stains and scratches, making it suitable for high-traffic environments. Moreover, Zirconio Stone boasts high-definition luxurious design, faithfully recreating the appearance of natural stone patterns and textures. It offers excellent resistance to heat, allowing it to be used in kitchens and areas that are exposed to heat without fear.

Ian Kok, Managing Director of Niro Ceramic Group, remarks, “Zirconio Stone reflects our commitment to excellence, offering designers a material that balances aesthetics with functionality.”

“Zirconio Stone’s versatility offers creative possibilities for furniture designers. From tabletops to countertops and backsplashes, it seamlessly integrates into various furniture compositions. Its ability to emulate natural materials while surpassing them in performance makes it a preferred choice,” he added.

As interior design evolves, Zirconio Stone promises continual innovation. Ongoing research and development aim to push the boundaries of creativity and performance. Niro Ceramic Group’s venture into the furniture segment signifies broader trends towards collaboration and innovation.

Offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and durability in furniture design with its versatile applications and aesthetic possibilities, Zirconio Stone is poised to make an impact. As Niro Ceramic Group expands into the furniture segment, further innovation is anticipated, solidifying its position in design and craftsmanship.

“We’ve always been passionate about crafting beautiful and functional living spaces. Expanding into furniture segment allows us to offer a more holistic solution, where our tiles and surfaces can seamlessly complement high-quality furniture pieces. It’s about assisting our customer’s complete their vision of their living spaces, added Ian.

Niro Ceramic Group has long been recognised as a pioneer in high quality porcelain tiles, with a rich history of innovation that places it in the forefront of the industry. From the revolutionary Slip-Stop technology, which enhances safety by providing superior slip resistance, to the sleek and versatile Slim tile series that redefines practicality with tile-on-tile installation, Niro Ceramic Group continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in porcelain tile manufacturing technology. Recently introduced Micro-Structured surfaces offer a tactile experience that elevates the sensory appeal, while its Silky range bring a touch of luxury to any space.

With a relentless focus on research and development, Niro Ceramic Group remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently delivering products that exceed expectations and inspire creative expression.


For more details on Zirconio Stone or any of Niro Ceramic Group’s offerings, visit www.nirogranite.com.


Originally published in The Edge Malaysia: https://theedgemalaysia.com/node/709700

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