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The Ideal Tiles for Your Kitchen

The Ideal Tiles for Your Kitchen

The kitchen should be everyone’s top priority when it comes to installing safety features: in an environment that’s already filled with sharp, heavy, and hot objects, there could also be steam and slippery pools of water or grease to reckon with. Kitchens also have to be highly hygienic, as any contamination of the food prepared there could spell disaster, making cleanliness also a spot of concern.

Beyond safety concerns, you would also want your kitchen to be aesthetically pleasing so you can have a relaxing environment to prepare meals in.

With all these considerations in mind, we have compiled a list of properties for ideal kitchen tiles.

Anti Slip Tiles

Spills are most common in kitchens, which is why it’s vital for kitchen floor tiles to have some anti slip properties. Slip-stop tiles are smooth and glossy, but are activated in the presence of water into high-friction surfaces until you clean it up, giving you the best of both worlds.

Discover our Slip-Stop tile collection.

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Stain-resistant tiles

There’s hardly anything more frustrating than staining something permanently, especially something as hard to replace as your floor.

Typically, tiles are more susceptible to stains as compared to other flooring materials like wood, as their surfaces are less porous. If you do get food stains on your tiles, they are easily cleaned off with household cleaners, or natural ingredients like white vinegar and baking soda.

Our Slip-stop tiles are both anti slip and less susceptible to stains, both properties which makes it perfect for kitchen floors. Check out Legacy for more designs!

Beautifully Designed Tiles

With today’s tile printing technology, porcelain tiles are able to be produced with vast design variety, visual beauty, and functionality, all to help make your dream kitchen a reality.

Stone, wood, and even mosaic effect designs for the adventurous all offer endless versatility in creating your desired look.

You can check out Krea for an example of our wood effect tiles, and Elysian for a marble effect collection.

Tile Durability

Tiles are fired at high temperatures during production, which makes them less porous and more durable than other materials – you won’t have to worry about damage when chopping chicken, for instance! They tend to have excellent resistance against scratches and abrasions and their heat treatment helps them withstand high cooking temperatures very well.

All that said, you need not limited your tiles to just your floor. Tiles are versatile and they also have incredible aesthetical and functional value as backsplashes or feature walls to enhance your kitchen design. They are also good materials for kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, and even your serving trays!

Other Kitchen Tiling Ideas

Need help on your kitchen renovation? Talk to us to get a personalised design that’s uniquely you.

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