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The Power of Mixing & Matching For Tiles

The Power of Mixing & Matching For Tiles

Tiles are the preferred flooring and wall option today for most homeowners and retail space owners due to their versatility and durability. With inkjet printing technology, tiles have evolved into the modernized versions today consisting of various shapes, sizes and patterns, surfaces and, some of which resemble very closely to natural earth materials like stone, wood, and marble. Indeed, the combination of tiles in different designs and sizes can produce creative designs for a living space. Here are some ideas on tile combinations that you can use for your next renovation.

Small and Large Tiles Combination

Small-sized tiles that make a statement like mosaics are a good combination of larger-sized tiles. The smaller tiles will then be the focus area and play the role of a feature wall or a backsplash. The larger tiles also balance the entire room’s design. For an easy mix that works in any space for small and large tiles sizes, take two tile designs in the same color range but different shapes and let the grout lines form the pattern. The result of this combination is a bold and catchy living space.

Patterned Tiles With Plain Tiles

Using patterned tiles in the entire room will make the design busy. Restrict them to one surface or a part of the wall or just the floor, then combine them with plain light coloured tiles to enhance the background. Patterned tile breaks up the consistency of an otherwise plain room to create an intriguing and interesting design.

Combination Of Different Tile Shapes

Different tile shapes when combined can help create artistic patterns on the wall or floor. The trick is to create a balance when mixing the small and large-scale patterns. To ensure you get what you want in the final outcome, try dry laying the tiles in an area first or opt for 3D design services at your tile outlet. In this instance, we have mixed hex-shaped tiles with square tiles to create a unique wall pattern.

Mixing Tiles With Different Textures

Unlike the earlier days, tiles come in different textures and design like wood, cement or stone-designed tiles. Mixing tiles with different textures are much easier than mixing tiles to create artistic patterns. For example, stone or cement tiles will give the room a bold look while mixing wood tiles will give a sense of warmth in the room style.
Because tiles are of the same height, mixing different textures will not require a floor transition strip albeit mixing pure wooden planks to different floor material with height variances.

Mixing & Matching Of Tiles With Different Colours

A combination of tile colours to create patterns or to achieve the trend-setting gradient or ombre effect is yet another way to design a stylish space. Sticking to a one-tone colour scheme will definitely make the design process simpler. Adding an additional colour to the wall beside the base colour of the room creates a focal point and easily turns the area into a feature wall or a backsplash.

Mixing & Matching Marble Tiles

For a subtle touch, matching tiles of similar designs and colours can also yield the effect you desire. This is especially great for when you want something else in the interior to be the centrepiece, for example an art piece, or any of our 15 ideas for styling your wall.

Matte and Glossy or Polished Tiles Combinations

Who would have thought of combining different surfaced tiles? Matt-surface tiles portray subtle softness while polished or glossy surfaced tiles have light-reflecting capabilities. Combining these two adds texture to the room. They can be in random order, with more matt tiles than glossy tiles, depending on the amount of shine that you require, or they can be in an equally arranged combination. Both ideas create an understatement and modernized effect on a room.

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