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The Revival of Spanish Tiles in Restaurants

The Revival of Spanish Tiles in Restaurants

Back in the 17th century, ceramics were predominantly crafted in the coastal eastern and southern of Spain. With well-defined designs and colors adopted from its historical origins, Spanish tiles reflect some of the few elements that are easily associated with its culture and recognized as one of the best tiles for tapas bars or restaurants.

Colour Palette

With Spanish tiles gaining prominence globally, the Spanish or Mediterranean interior design features a series of colour palettes inspired by its coastline, mainly focusing on white, brown, green and, blue. Metal accents of copper play a vital role in shaping the completeness of the Spanish design by blending the warmth from the red and orange shades into stone designed ceramics or porcelain tiles.

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Getting the Spanish Themed Restaurants Interior

Traditionally, Spanish-styled restaurants utilize heavy texture materials made with stucco or plaster and pairing them with wainscoting on the walls. Furnishings are usually mission-styled, dark and, weathered wood that comes in the choices of walnut, pine or timber colours while the floor is generally set with hard flooring and covered with weaved rugs.

The Accents of Décor

To fully bring out the best of the Spanish style, décor is the main accent. To preserve the focal points of the concept, every corner of the space will be accessorized with elements relatable to the origins of Spain. The backsplash of the bar counter or the kitchen can be applied with glazed tiles or terracotta pottery while the doors and cabinets are furnished with heavy iron handles. Ceilings are decorated with wrought iron chandeliers.

Revolution of the Design

As time goes by, the traditional Spanish design has evolved to a more modern concept. There are variations of brighter coloured floor and wall tiles in matt surfaces and earthy tones. Porcelain tiles were also introduced in various kinds of printed surfaces like cement and marble. To neutralize the modern facelift, furnishings like leathered sofas with straight backs and heavy wooden benches help retain the traditional look.

Bringing it Back Home

With these insights, infusing the Spanish style design into any commercial or living spaces is possible, especially with Zirconio’s very own Spanish-designed tiles.

Spanish Themed Restaurants Gallery

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