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The Secrets of Designing for VIP Areas

The Secrets of Designing for VIP Areas

Every business looking to attract higher-end clientele knows the importance of having a VIP area. Offering a luxurious and distraction-free environment to make big decisions is not only welcomed but even expected by premier customers these days.

For VIP areas, nailing the ambience is key to putting customers at ease, while providing a stimulating environment that is conducive to business talk. Let’s take a walk through the different areas you might expect in the VIP zone and discuss the secrets of getting this space right.

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Reception Area

One of the best things businesses can do for their customers is to make waiting enjoyable. Spaciousness and comfort define one part of this: by giving them plush seats and ample space, customers can be put at ease while they wait for their appointment to begin. The other part is defined by the visual and aural experience – this is why gentle jazz music is often heard in high-class lobbies, and also why art pieces are so prominently displayed.

The trick here is to find a balance: if there are too many points of interest, the space becomes busy and loads the senses; but too little would risk the customers getting bored or restless. Our recommendation here would be to keep the flooring relatively simple with something like SV Stone 2.0 that has a clean and elegant look, which helps your eye-catching pieces stand out all the more.

Discussion Area

When important deals are made and signed upon, you would want the moment to look as big as it feels. The furnishing here should comprise a few tastefully-selected pieces that are large and sturdy – think a solid oak or marble-top conference table to really achieve that feeling of vastness.

Similarly, when selecting wall decor, you might consider large paintings with bold frames to add to the gravitas of the space. We are also partial to decorating walls like these with dark marble design slabs like Imperium, which has a dark coloured body and contrasting white veining that communicates raw power and prestige.

When it comes to the lighting, a well-lit environment with a combination of indirect lighting and accent lighting would serve well, especially when the time comes to pore over important documents and the fine print. For the colour temperature, consider something that is slightly warm to bring out the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Lounge Area

It doesn’t have to be all serious business either – sometimes what you need is a cosy lounge area where refreshments can be served and barside chats can be made. Often, the casual context can be more conducive for conversation!

To select the furniture, you could opt for more lightweight pieces that can be shifted around for a more modular environment, as your customers might like to adjust their seating arrangements to accommodate their parties. The main consideration, however, is still on comfort – as the last thing you’d want is for your customers to pack up and head elsewhere to continue their business!

In terms of ambience, this area would be defined by its intimate lighting that leaves much of the space hidden in the shadows, with just enough lights to illuminate the work areas and the tabletops. For the flooring, our pick to bring it altogether would be ZR Barnwood, which has a vintage yet classy look and feel that is perfect for an informal setting.

That wraps it up for our tips on designing for VIP areas. What are your thoughts? Drop us a message if you would like to discuss the interior design of your next project!

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