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TikTok’s Top 5 Interior Design Trends

TikTok’s Top 5 Interior Design Trends

If you ever find yourself wondering what’s trending, there’s no better place to check than TikTok, which is the world’s largest and most active social media platform for those under 35.  

What we’re observing with these trends is a focus on function over form. Where in the past, one would have selected a theme, such as neoclassical or Japandi, and designed the space using the tropes of these design directions, the new wave seems to go more with throwing a bunch of things together and creating a theme out of whole cloth – essentially the Avant Basic style, which is a style based around no rules. 

Without further ado, here are the top 5 interior design trends right now on TikTok:

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1. Walk-in Wardrobes

Nothing spells luxury like having a wardrobe that you can literally walk into. Even if you cannot quite swing the space required for a walk-in wardrobe like the ones you’d see at the movies, you might be surprised to learn that you don’t actually need a lot of space for them! All you need is a space to arrange your clothing items and a space for you to get dressed in front of a mirror – lighting and clever interior design will do the rest. 

From dark tiles like Riviera Black from I’Pietra to light tiles like Lyla from Lux 4.0, the possibilities are endless. We’ve also covered some walk-in wardrobe ideas in a separate article, so be sure to check that out.

2. Feature Walls

A trend that’s starting to take on a timeless type of quality is the inclusion of feature walls. Whether small or big, every space is instantly elevated by a feature wall, which helps to guide the sightlines and bring structure as well as character to a space. 

Whether it’s an art piece, a mural, or a floor-to-ceiling tile feature using a big slab tile like Vogue Grande, a feature wall is something anyone can do to improve the entire outlook of their space. 

3. Partitions

While open floor plans were all the rage just a few years ago, we are coming out of the pandemic with a refreshed appreciation of separation between zones, and so partitions are back in business – not only do they offer a convenient way to divide up a space and provide privacy, they also come in various different materials and styles to suit whatever theme your interior design follows! 

Space partitions can be either fixed or flexible. While flexible space partitions allow you to move them aside when they are not needed, there is also a danger of damaging them when they are moved. Fixed space partitions, on the other hand, can be just as impressive and tend to be sturdier, albeit without the option of moving them around. 

4. Skylights

Another thing we have gained a much greater appreciation for in recent years is natural light indoors. Natural light has been proven to be good for both physical and mental health, not to mention it just makes everything look good!  

When planning to include a skylight in your space, you might also want to consider a non-reflective flooring option, such as Terra-Arte, which is a matt tile that looks and feels great.

5. Nature-inspired Elements

The concept of living in harmony with nature is driving the concepts right now in the world of interior design. Stone, wood, and green elements are increasingly being adopted to bring the natural world into our built spaces to foster feelings of wellness and vibrance – a quick and easy way to achieve this is through the use of potted and hanging plants, which go a long way towards creating a nature-infused space. 

If you’re interested in incorporating wood elements but concerned about the maintenance, you could consider Softwood by Niro Granite, which is a wood design tile that can be applied on both floors and walls to bring the authentic feeling of being in nature while being easy to maintain. 

Are you interested in these trends? Speak with our designers for more ideas.

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