Tile Colour Palette Grey Colour For Your Bedroom
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Tile Colour Palette: Grey Colour For Your Bedroom

Tile Colour Palette: Grey Colour For Your Bedroom

Gorgeous bedroom colours make for an easy and (almost) instantaneous upgrade to your bedroom style.

For example, choosing grey colour tiles can refresh or soothe your sleeping space instantly, without costing you a fortune!

In this article, let’s discover a few grey bedroom tiles ideas to give your bedroom a dash of comfort, depth and style all at once!

grey bedroom tiles perfect for bedrooms
grey bedroom tiles

Why are grey bedroom tiles perfect for bedrooms?

After a long day of hard work, everyone needs a place to rest and recover. Your bedroom is a sanctuary where you can finally recharge.

Grey bedroom tiles can make it cosy without being too sterile such as white tiles. It can also suit your design personality!

In fact, interior design professionals have long understood the benefits of incorporating grey in your bedroom. Here are some reasons why:

● Shades of grey can lull you to sleep

Being a neutral color, grey is naturally calming. Its warmth can be compared to being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket that gently lulls you to sleep. This is actually what you would love to happen after a long day at work.

Actually, grey is perfect for starting and ending your day. Soft tones evoke a more tranquil mood. Add some fluffy pillows in pale colours and there you have it! A relaxing bedroom to spend some quality time in.

● Grey goes well with many colours

Grey is the perfect backdrop to any style you would love to achieve. You will have an easy time making your bedroom look good because grey goes well with most types of furniture and colours.

For example, some citron yellow furniture would be perfect to use in a grey bedroom. It’s also a color that matches greatly with pink. White is also a classic combination choice, as it creates an extremely soothing atmosphere. It represents clarity and transparency, two elements that you would love to have in your bedroom.

● Grey makes your favourite bedroom piece stand out

Grey is the color shade par excellence of a sober and minimalist style, even in the bedroom.

Most importantly, this color is indicated to make a single piece of furniture stand out from the rest of the environment: maybe the bed’s headboard with a particular design, or a modernist floor lamp.

Grey is the perfect choice to emphasize the clean and modern lines of some stylish decoration pieces, giving you the chance of creating a neutral, and yet interesting, background for your home décor.

● Grey enhances the texture of surfaces

Finally, grey can be an interesting choice to highlight surfaces. A particularly beautiful and precious floor, or a wall with unique characteristics can, in fact, find in the balance of this color the most balanced and graceful contrast.

What surface types of grey tiles are suitable for bedrooms?

● Matt grey bedroom tiles

Niro Granite Clay Art tiles rides on the natural material trend.

Clay Art which simulates the humble, fine-grained texture is the ideal choice for those who intend to restore a sense of balance and simplicity to their lives. The digitally printed tiles offer a complete colour palette for a much-needed visual break as an antidote to a fast-paced lifestyle.

Whether the matt, plaster-like finish or the glossy vintage version, Clay Art continues to intrigue the senses, evoking nostalgia for a less complex time in history.

● Wood-like grey tiles

One great way to visually warm up tile in the bedroom is to use wood-look tiles with rich grey tones.

NIRO Granite’s range of grey bedroom tiles and ideas have become adept at reproducing the look of oak, birch, walnut, cherry, pine, and other species in spectacular grey.

While the tiles look as if they are made from wood, they are generally printed upon porcelain, which makes them easier to maintain!

● Marble look-alike grey tiles

Instead of actual marble, marble-printed porcelain grey bedroom tiles are durable, easy-to-clean floor covering, and are infinitely more cost-effective!

They’re designed to resemble the look of natural marble tiles but is far more affordable. Marble and other stone-look tiles are best suited for bedrooms to achieve a cool look and feel.

Discover our range of quality grey bedroom tiles for your dream bedroom!

If you’re looking for beautiful tiles to build a bedroom of your dreams, give Niro Granite a try.

Our exclusive range of Swiss-Quality tiles deliver superior quality, consistency and ultimately beautiful designs that lets you customize and design your bedroom to its full potential!

Speak to us today by visiting our website at https://nirogranite.com/

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