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Tile Ideas For Modern Offices

Tile Ideas For Modern Offices

Boring carpeted floors are way in the past. They are never easy to clean and then there are dust mites that grow in billions every minute that you cannot ever get rid of. When it comes to office renovations, practicality has always been the primary concern hence most offices end up with carpeted floors. However, with the latest technologies available, tiling is now a better flooring option that offers durability, easy maintenance, and design at the same time.

Another major advantage that tiles have over carpets is their versatility. It can be used in many ways and not just as flooring or wall material, resulting in a seamless office design theme.

Read on for the key considerations when designing an office or using tiles in your office.

Tiles For The Office Reception

When designing an office reception area, the most important essence is the visual impact that it creates for your guests. It is after all the first impression that your office guests receive upon their arrival. This is the area where you may want to consider spending most to create a comfortable welcome space and to display your organisation’s statement to your guests.

Designing the office reception area typically takes into account the volume of traffic within the space too. For offices that expect high footfall, the selection of structured or anti slip tiles that are highly durable flooring materials do fare better and prove to be cost-effective over time.

The Flow of Traffic and Types of Office Space

The purpose of each office space and the flow of traffic will help determine the floor and wall tiles too. For example, tech companies or start-ups usually invest in recreational areas for their employees. These areas need to inspire creativity and create positivity among the employees thus natural wood-designed tiles or stone-designed tiles work best.

There are also areas that are naturally high in traffic like the office canteen or for manufacturing companies, the factory area. While the design may not be as important in these areas, they definitely require durable floor materials. Matt surface or structured surface tiles are highly preferred options.

The flow of traffic from one room to the other also plays an important role in selecting your floor tiles. Larger-sized tiles are good considerations for bigger spaces or facades, and they help to transition the journey from one large room to another, delivering a feeling of flow to your building, making it feel seamless.

For key office areas like the boardroom, smaller-sized tiles add detail and accents to the space. It also helps break up and adds character to the space to deliver design. Well-chosen wall tiles will add the finishing touch to these spaces.

Perfect Flooring For Office Washrooms

Designing an office washroom will require a little planning as well. Similar to the reception area, the office washroom will depict your company’s brand image to your customers and clients who visit it. The facility must be safe and hygienic for all including the disabled. The design for both male and female washrooms must be well thought off too. Thankfully, with the new Slip-Stop technology for tiles, you can still opt for a seamless design for the entire office. These anti-slip tiles are polished smooth-surfaced tiles that have an excellent anti slip effect when wet.

The Final Touches

Tiles are versatile flooring options and with a variety of styles, finishes, types, and sizes, they are easily built into any office theme and design. Once you have thought about the reception, the other office spaces, and the washrooms, the final touches will be incorporating your organisation’s corporate identity. Other than delivering the identity through colour schemes, your organisation’s statement or vision can be creatively conveyed through furniture, feature walls, and wall columns. Large-sized tiles, for example, are great for accentuating your office logo on the wall.

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