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Top 3 Retail Space Concepts in 2022

Top 3 Retail Space Concepts in 2022

The pandemic has totally changed the way we view the world, and this has also influenced the design of retail spaces as we forge our way into 2022.

With this in mind, our team has taken a look at some retailers and found these top 3 concepts that are emerging in the retail world today.

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1. Future Artistic in Most Retail Space Design

With our transition into a new decade hampered by a global pandemic, the time spent cooped up indoors has only helped designers dream up bold new visions of what the future could look like. With reflective ceilings, unconventional light sources, and circular design motifs, it makes sense that the shared vision of the future revolves around cleanliness as we navigate our way out of the pandemic and back into normal life.

Clothing and accessories stores, in particular, are adopting this unique concept to help direct sightlines and create focal points around their products, helping customers both literally and figuratively see their offerings in a new light. In spaces such as these, monochromatic tiles with subtle surface designs like Legacy makes for a suitable match.

2. Zen Raw Space for Retail Spaces Focused on Therapy

If there’s another lesson that designers have taken away from the pandemic, it’s how to be grounded in the here and now and to be free from distractions. In personal grooming and fragrance product stores, a new expression of zen spaces, defined by its raw execution, is on the uptake – all the better to place one’s focus on the other senses.

In these spaces, tile with surfaces that mimic raw natural textures such as I’Pietra tend to fit in seamlessly, bringing the authentic atmosphere of natural stone to where it is placed.

3. Modern Minimalist for Tech- and Education-based Retail

For tech and stationery stores, modern minimalist sensibilities still dominate the landscape with their highly structured and spartan outlook, placing the focus more on the uniqueness of their offerings rather than the ingenuity of their interior design.

Where modern minimalist design and zen raw spaces diverge is on geometric forms: while zen design embraces the irregular curves often found in nature, minimalism often prefers absolute geometries, which lends to its distinct look. For this reason, flat-toned tile surfaces such as those on Cementum and Blitzen Stone are more suited for modern minimalist interiors.

As we continue to explore new expressions in the realm of interior design, we’re excited to see what comes next in the retail world.

Get in touch with our designers to learn more about our design solutions.

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