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What Tiles are Right for Your Event Space?

What Tiles are Right for Your Event Space? 

Nailing the ambience of an event space is key to attracting guests – it’s no wonder that the events industry is estimated to be hundreds of billions of dollars! Despite a cutback of in-person events due to the pandemic, event spaces are still going strong as people are still looking to establish human interactions as much as possible. 

From the lighting to the soundscape and colour scheme, everything needs to come together to form a cohesive experience for the guests. For this article, we’ll be looking at 4 different event spaces, and the right kind of tiles you can consider for them: 

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1. Tiles for Wedding Spaces

For most, weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, hence the need to get everything perfect from the get-go. Depending on the theme of the wedding, it could be an opulent event with classical decor, or it could also be a down-to-earth verdant affair with a countryside vibe. 

For the former, you can’t go wrong with the white marblelike Elysian for the ultimate expression of material elegance. Meanwhile, for a more back-to-nature kind of feel, wood tiles like Timber offer a timeless and rustic outlook that plays incredibly well with any sources of natural light. 

2. Tiles for Corporate Events

For corporate events that are looking to be a bit different, the first thing to break away from would be the dull carpets that comprise most office floors. After hours spent within a corporate environment, the sure way to make an impression is to transport your guests to something completely different. 

For an injection of life and character, consider something like ZR Barnwood, which wears the characteristics of weathered wood and provides a lovely vintage feel to your themed event.

3. Tiles for Modern Seminar Spaces

Traditionally, seminar spaces tend to be very utilitarian in nature: some plain carpet or tiled floors, a few foldable tables and chairs, and a flipchart for the speaker. This only represents another avenue for excellence for companies that want to differentiate themselves from the rest, particularly for external engagements. 

Stone tiles, such as ZR Ragno, add depth and dimension to the visual outlook of the space, while their subtle features imbue the entire environment with a sense of gravitas, which is preferrable for more prestigious events. 

4. Tiles for Livestreaming or Virtual Event Spaces

With the rise in streaming technology, many event spaces are also being retrofitted with the necessary fixtures that turn them into semi-studio-like spaces that can accommodate livestreams and virtual events, allowing the event organiser to reach a worldwide audience from one room while still enjoying the amenities of a traditional event space. 

Given how sensitive cameras are to light balance, you might consider using matt or structured surface tiles such as SV Stone 2.0 in the place of glossy tiles, as they tend to absorb instead of reflecting light, which might upset the settings of certain cameras.

While the world is changing in many ways, every person’s need for connection and capacity to be wowed is still staying the same – so play to these timeless qualities for your long-termed success! 

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