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Why Large Format Tiles

Cover Your One Small Renovation With One BIG Tile

And why not?

Large-format tiles or big slab tiles are the hype in modern architecture design of late.

The sizes run from 120x120cm all the way up to 160 x 320cm, a height as tall as a male elephant and these large porcelain tiles offer a series of added benefits.

Before you start on your next renovation or construction, do check out why interior designers are into large-sized tiles.

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Increased Spaciousness Of A Space

Larger tiles mean lesser grout lines and the grout lines seems thinner against the big sized tiles.

The lesser grout lines also mean lesser breaks on the space and they are almost not visible, creating the wallpaper effect.

This actually creates an illusion of more space thus it makes a small room seem bigger.

For greater effect, the usage of lighter coloured tiles that can reflect light will play their role in creating an even bigger space.

Large Tiles, Variety of Usage

Due to its size, large format tiles can be easily cut into any shape and size, making it a versatile piece.

Besides covering the floor or wall, the big piece can be carved into a round or square tabletop, kitchen island, feature wall for art pieces, kitchen countertops, and more.

The large tile can also be cut into custom shapes for the floor to result in an alternative tile layout pattern that an ordinary-sized tile could not achieve.

Aesthetically Beautiful – Bold, Elegant & Stylish

For tiles with shade variations and patterns (or the veins on marble tiles), larger tiles will allow a high level of uniformity and result in a seamless design.

Using large sized tiles means making use of a smaller number of tiles, which is equivalent to a smaller number of groupings.

The reduction in groupings triggers the visual continuity of the tiles when installed.

To further enhance the seamless design, grout lines of similar colour will create the visual effect of a single piece of tile on the entire area.

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Haute Couture – The Trending Style & Statement

Thanks to the sleek design and grand look that large format tiles produce, it has become a fashion icon in today’s interior architecture.

It is easy to match them with any home accessories to create the theme of your desire.

Large-format tiles result in large surfaces that give a living space the contemporary edge.

Keep the space simple and uncluttered and colour theme it in monochromatic tones to get the minimalist look easily.

For a luxurious look, tiles with stronger marble veins like Vogue Grande’s Lavish White, Olympia Grey, or Tuscany Grey helps achieve that.

Less Cleaning, Easy to Maintain

Did we already mention lesser grout lines?

Tiles itself is already an easy-to-maintain flooring option and the fewer grout lines result in lesser space to trap dirt.

This gives you more time to stare at your new large format floor rather than spend time cleaning it.

For large format floor ideas, click here to view our Vogue Grande series

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