Celebrating 40 Years

  • 4000BC

    The earliest use of tiles were found in the homes of Egypt.

  • 1400’s

    Decorative tiles were introduced and became popular. It can be seen in historical places like the Alhambra

  • 1600’s

    Ceramic art tiles were produced and were popular in Portugal

  • 1900’s

    Glazed ceramic tiles were introduced in Delft.

  • 1970’s

    A.S Niro, a company owned by Johan Nyrop created the spray dryer and ventured into tile manufacturing. Niro Granite was born and produced the first homogeneous tiles in the World.

  • 1980’s

    Niro Granite adopted the glass cutting technology and produced rectified tiles, tiles that are symmetrical and perfectly grounded to form straight edges. Today, most tiles in the world are rectified tiles.

  • 1990’s

    Niro Granite produced multiple-sized designer tiles. Yura, with size of 60x60cm is an advance from the typically smaller sized, plain tiles and was well received as the pioneer in the progressing porcelain tile industry.

  • 2000’s

    Niro Granite countinued to invest in trendy product development and introduced various sizes and surfaces to the world of tiles.

  • 2010’s

    Niro Granite invested into digital ink-jet technology and large format tiles. Realistic and ultra-fine looking products were created by capturing the finest details of the design into the tiles.

  • 2020’s

    This year, we are proud to launch big slab – large format porcelain tiles that has endless design possibilities.

Our People Are Our Foundation of Our Success

Great things in business are never done by one person. Behind our milestones are our people. With innovative spirit, dedication, and passion, our people have brought us 40 adventurous years of being a leading tile company.

Our effort to achieve more continues as we chart our journey towards the future.

Unboxing The Story of Niro Granite

Unboxing Niro Granite’s 40 Years

To celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we have invited our business partners who have been with us through the years to unbox the story of Niro Granite.

40 Years of Swiss Quality and European Designs

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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