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2 Days of Interior Design Talks

with IDr. Lai Siew Hong & IDr. Wong Pei San

In conjunction with the launch of Niro Granite’s new tile collections, Niro Ceramic Group in collaboration with IDr. Lai Siew Hong and IDr. Wong Pei San invites you to a series of talks exploring nature-inspired designs and how to generate ideas from everyday situations. 

Recording now available. Watch it here:


Day 1: 25 May 2022
Nature Inspired

by IDr. Lai Siew Hong
Blu Water Design

Sharing from his wealth of experience, IDr. Lai Siew Hong, Founder and Chief Executive Designer of Blu Water Design, presents case studies from his extensive portfolio, featuring projects that derive their design strategy and inspiration from natural elements. Join to discover how the intersection of nature and the built space can create astonishing results. 

Day 2: 26 May 2022
Topic: Things That Make You Go “Hmm…”
by IDr. Wong Pei San
EDI Architects & Essential Design Integrated

Design inspirations can come from anything. Small things within our own personal or professional lives, can influence the decisions that we make when working on a project, and this seemingly small seed of thought can sometimes snow ball into bigger ideas that continues to take form in subsequent projects. Join to benefit from the perspective and experience of award-winning interior designer, IDr. Wong Pei San, in this session on how big places can be built from little thoughts.

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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