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Muze @ PICC, Penang Island

Niro Granite is proud to have been chosen to provide tiles for the stunning Muze @ PICC residential condominium project on Penang Island. Our high-quality, premium tiles were selected for various areas of this high-rise development, located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca.

Creating A Welcoming Ambiance

Niro Granite offered a range of tiles in calming shades, ideal for creating a relaxing atmosphere in Muze@PICC’s shared spaces. These areas are designed to foster a sense of community, where residents can connect with family, friends, and neighbors. The warm hues of our tiles contribute to this inviting ambiance. 

Here’s a closer look at the Niro Granite tiles used throughout the shared spaces indoors and outdoors at Muze @ PICC: 

Tile Name Tile Code Place of Use Reason
I’Pietra tiles collection GIP03 Beola grey Entrance lobby Create a grand first impression
I’Pietra tiles collection GIP07 Riviera black Lift lobby Enhance the elegance of common areas
Sonosand Tiles collection GSA03 Silvery rock Bathrooms Ensure style and functionality
Travis tiles collection PTV03 Toby & PTV04 trevon Recreational floor outdoor Provide beauty and durability
Step & Step.1 tiles collection GTH01 Timber wolf Drainage of pool area Prioritise functionality and aesthetics
Regal tiles collection GTH01 Timber wolf Gym Inspire a motivational environment
Sonosand tiles collection GSA03 Silvery rock & GSA04 deep dusk Outdoor leisure area Extend the feeling of comfort outdoors


Mixed-Use Development

An outdoor pool area where the tile coverage of its edge is Niro Granite's Step & Step.1 series, with a hue variant known as the GTH01 timber wolf. Along the walkway found is a combination of Niro Granite's Travis tiling using PTV03 Toby & PTV04 Trevon.
The front entrance towards the lobby featuring an erected named sign of "Muze" in white colour. This is rested on a polished tiles of black as a contrast. Before this, a small area of greenery as a decoration can be seen. All the tiles towards the gate are sand-hued, stony tiles in texture.
Another outdoor wooden bench area for leisure resting featuring Sonosand series from Niro Granite as its flooring use. The type of colouring here is a brown combination of GSA03 silvery rock and GSA04 deep dusk.
The outdoor leisure area of Muze @ PICC where a legless bench with a cushion seat having hooks with ropes to float it from the ceiling is found on a daylight noon setting. On its flooring area are Niro Granite's Travis tile use in a combination of colouring, which are PTV03 Toby and PTV04 Trevon in mix. Behind the bench are transparent walls of glass capable of area oversight.
A close-up look of Muze @ PICC where its photographed towards the skies of twin tall building it has.
The secondary floor of Muze @ PICC featuring large format tiles in brown hue with pillars of black tiling seen. At a corner is a white sofa to coze in for waiting purposes.
The garden area of Muze @ PICC featuring a maintained grass cut with a stone-coloured bench area translating according to the greenery. Thin trunks and stems of trees with a spread of green leaves can be seen under an afternoon skies. Here, the very same Niro Granite's Travis tiling with a grey and dark grey combination of colours can be seen, which uses PTV03 Toby & PTV04 Trevon. Opposite the garden area is a netted sports court to play badminton.
The open gym where two stationery bicycles to train legs can be seen on a timber-mock tiles. These sets of wood tiling are NIro Granite's brand of regal series with a light brown hue of GTH01 Timber Wolf product code naming. Along the walkway are our I'Pietra tiles collection with GIP03 Beola Grey in colour iteration.
The GSA03 silvery rock of Niro Granite tiles are used to decorate every single bathroom area.
Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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