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Sabah State Library, Tanjung Aru Branch

Niro Granite’s latest project came upon the stumbling grounds of East Malaysia, after a spokesperson from the Sabah State Library in Tanjung Aru branch made an outreach that led to this renovating encounter. Since the 1st of April 2019, the library was made open for all public use. The agenda behind this motive was set forth by the state government in a bidding mission to increase progression of literacy and academic levels of fellow Sabahans.

Located in-between Perdana Park and also Plaza Tanjung Aru (which is along the road of Jalan Mat Salleh), what can be described of Sabah State Library of Tanjung Aru branch is perhaps its attractive state-of-the-art building architecture that stands out among its vicinity, bringing an iconic impression for visitors to make a trip at. Daily estimates of 100+ footfalls are expected–and even more on weekends–considering the arriving of people from all walks of life; children, middle school students, as well as adults from college, university, and also working men and women that would make their way for a quiet environment amid the pursue of wisdom in this knowledge ground.

Allocating for this collective en masse, Niro Granite’s technical sales team have filtered the tiling use with the purpose of the floor being set foot on by heavy traffic influx. Niro Granite’s Marmo line of large format tiles became chosen, and at a selected GMA25 product variant for brighter hue. Abundant matt finish tiling was arranged into orderly fashion across the entrance of Sabah State Library, and is met by its occasional polished finish counterpart for a walk-through décor. Certified for Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Niro Granite’s Marmo collection of large tiles aids to raise the awareness for a sustainable future.

Country: Malaysia

Categories: Public Library

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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