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Resilient Design: Energy Conservation & Climate Responsiveness in Architecture

In collaboration with Dr. Ar. Serina Hijjas and Malaysia Architecture Students Alliance (MASA), Niro Ceramic Group invites you to Resilient Design: Energy Conservation & Climate Responsiveness in Architecture – a forum to discuss the rising prominence of ecologically-led thinking in modern architecture.

Recording now available! Watch it here:


Dr. Ar. Serina Hijjas
Principal Director, Hijjas Kasturi Associates Sdn. Bhd.
Deputy President, Malaysia Green Building Council

Topic: Ecological Value, Comfort and Contemporary Living

An architect for this generation, Serina Hijjas is a creative director at HIJJAS Architects & Planners and is known for designing responsive, energy conscious, and bold buildings. Her formative years exposed her to energy-efficient and sustainable designs, and have inspired projects like the Heriot Watt University’s ‘Green Campus’, Celcom Tower’s ‘Interconnective Offices’, and the EPIC waste training centre. Through a series of award-winning buildings, her approach to design in every project is holistic, responsive of placemaking & context with a view in generating new environmentally sustainable specific strategies.

Ar. Axxu Hoi Jung Wai
Managing Director, Axial Design Architects Sdn. Bhd.

Topic: Climatic Architecture

With a particular interest in the research and design of eco-masterplanning cities and sustainable building design, Axxu has developed his skills working on projects in China, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. When he brought his career to London in 2010, Axxu joined a team from Llewellyn Davis Yeang on an international masterplan design competition, where he was responsible for the design of the master plan grid, research centre and university buildings, monitoring offshore 3D artists and coordinating the report. After returning to Malaysia, due to his specialisation in sustainable design, Axxu joined Taylor’s University as a part-time teaching staff lecturing on sustainable design. Since 2014, he has also become one of the training speakers in the GreenRe green manager course. In 2019, Axxu found Axial Design Architects Sdn. Bhd. (ADA) together with his partners, where he is the Managing Director today. His current work comprises wide range of projects – small scale, high-rise and commercial, with offices in KL, Kota Kinabalu, and Ipoh.

Jasmine Yap
Product Marketer, Niro Ceramic Group

Topic: The Sustainable Tiles Movement

Jasmine has been a part of Niro Ceramic Group since 2019 and plays an integral role managing the company’s brands as a product marketer. With in-depth knowledge of the ins and outs of tiles, her goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of tiles for the design of buildings that are beautiful yet sustainable.

Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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