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| Slim. by Niro Granite

From Niro Granite comes the region’s first slim profile wall and floor tiles. With an average thickness of only 6mm, Slim by Niro Granite is here to make a sleek and sustainable statement.­­

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6mm. That’s the average thickness of the new Niro Granite Slim Series tiles. Bearing surface designs inspired by the breath of nature, these exquisite slim tiles are here to introduce a rare sleekness that completely elevates the aesthetics of tiles, opening up a new dimension of potential.


With a slimmer-than-ever profile, the raw material and energy required to produce these tiles have greatly decreased as well, fulfilling the demands of a new generation of consumers desiring ecologically sustainable goods. The benefits also translate downstream, with the reduced weight and thickness allowing for more efficient transport and less wastage.

Thin & Light
At less than half the thickness of a conventional tile, Slim by Niro Granite has a footprint of just 1kg per square foot. For building developers, this spells less load on the earth, helping to prevent sinking issues. Its breaking strength is not compromised either – through a new innovative process, the strength of Niro Granite Slim has been increased, and is tested to be well within global benchmarks*.

The Eco-Friendly Tile
Niro Granite Slim tiles use 35% less raw materials for the production of each tile, translating to reductions in energy usage as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Its slim profile allows for more efficient packaging, as more can be packed into one carton. The bottomline: fewer manhours and fuel required to transport them.

*Breaking strength rated at 768N – 800N.

Tile-On-Tile Application
A boon for homeowners and contractors, tile-on-tile application is made possible due to the thin and light nature of Niro Granite Slim, negating the need for the hacking of old tiles. The result is a reduction of more than half the time typically allocated for renovations, not to mention bringing down air and noise pollution, as well as reducing landfill waste.

Making Renovations Easier
Easier to install, faster to cut, and creates less waste – all of these add up to time and cost saved for all parties involved.

See tile-on-tile installation in action:

3 Unique Designs

Watch “Will It Break?” featuring Niro Granite Slim:

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Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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