Set in Gravit8’s most impressive parcel, the newest launch in Klang South offers the breathtaking view of the iconic 8-acre Gravit8 Lakepark.

Welcome to the new standard of lakefront living.

Santorini is a destination of awe and wonder, and The Tresor @ Gravit8 captures this charm and translates it through extraordinary architecture and incredible landscaping.

From Santorini’s timeless bright blue domes to the lush plants of the island – every detail here has been carefully crafted to bring all the delights of Santorini to you.

Discover Santorini’s Cycladic architecture right here in Kiang; where curved lines and brilliant blue accents mirror the undulating waves and cloudy skies.

This inspiration is brought forward throughout the residence’s entire identity, from its architecture to its holiday-styled lifestyle facilities. Enjoy the best of Santorini white facing a stunning 8-acre Lakepark, amid the vibrant masterplan of Gravit8.

Featuring tiles from 

Featuring tiles from 

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Niro Granite by Niro Ceramic Group
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