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5 Best Marble Flooring Colours And How To Pick The Right One

5 Best Marble Flooring Colours And How To Pick The Right One

Marble is increasingly used in designing interiors, furnishings, and furnishing accessories when interpreted with contemporary lines and unique combinations. Innovative manufacturing techniques have produced porcelain tiles with a marble look that is incredibly true to the real thing.

Additionally, with this technique, the performance of the tiles will increase in terms of durability, stain resistance, and ease of washing and sanitising with regular household cleaners.

In recent years, tiles that resemble marble have also grown in popularity. They may instantly change the appearance of any room and provide an opulent look and feel. Moreover, they are an excellent option for busy households because they are also effortless to care for and maintain. Marble impression tiles are a terrific choice to give your home more grandeur.

So, here are five of the best marble flooring colours that you can choose from for your project.

Best Marble Flooring Colours

Top 5 Marble Flooring Colours

Creating an ad hoc design unity is one of the fundamental principles for designing rooms with marble-looking floor tiles that are artistically flawless. Combining the traditional marble colours with the appropriate furniture, wall, and accessory nuances will be enough.

Also, selecting a marble that is appropriate for the room of interest in terms of quality and consistency will be crucial.

White Marble

One colour you simply must have is the traditional white marble. White marble porcelain tiles are incredibly attractive and effortlessly lend elegance to any environment.

The advantage of white marble is that it works well in both domestic and commercial settings. White marbling might work wonders for you if you want to create the appearance that your room is larger than it actually is.

White Marble in Malaysia

Green Marble

The green marbling radiates pristine natural energy across every room. Those who prefer subtle natural sensations would appreciate the relaxing appearance of colours like Rainforest Green or Green Onyx in the marbling.

In addition to flooring, green marble porcelain tiles can be used in different ways, such as:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Wall cladding

Green marble is also one of our predictions as one of the big trends coming in 2023 for tiles.

Golden Marble

This is undoubtedly one of the most elegant colours available for marble porcelain tiles. If you’re striving for a distinctive flooring design, marble in a gold colour can be the best choice.

Any household or business space may simply be filled with brilliance and beauty by using this as a flooring option. Due to its ability to reflect light, gold marbling keeps your room bright.

Pink Marble

When looking for extravagant decor choices, pink marble porcelain tiles are ideal. Pink marbling is a symbol of royalty and is available in a variety of styles so that you can use it according to your preference.

Brown Marble

Brown is a very great alternative for marbling. With this colour, you can choose to have both aesthetically pleasing and unconventional interiors.

The best part about brown marbling is how easily you can get it in a variety of light and dark tones with varying-sized veins.

Brown Marble Malaysia

How To Pick The Right Marble Design For Your Home

The durability of marble porcelain tile makes it suitable for countertops, floors, and wall cladding, among other applications. It is elegant, durable, and adaptable for conventional and modern environments. Moreover, it gives character and texture regardless of colour in a way that few other materials can.

Here are some ways to pick the right marble porcelain tiles for your home.

Choose the right colour

The colour of the marbling can occasionally be essential. This is because colour determines how your space will appear.

Dark colours are a good choice if you’re selecting marble porcelain tiles for outdoor locations. Meanwhile, bright-coloured marble porcelain tiles are required for indoor, confined, or poorly lit spaces.

Slip resistance

While marble stone usually lacks the benefits of slip resistance due to its glossy surface; however, with Niro Ceramic’s Slip-Stop tiles, you can get matte marble tiles that are slip resistant. Not only can you decorate your space with the design of marble tiles, but you can also rest easy in terms of the safety of your loved ones.


Marble porcelain tiles can be cleaned with any household cleaning agent. They have great durability and remain unchanged over time. Any detergents and chemicals used for cleaning and sanitising surfaces can be used to disinfect and sanitise marble porcelain tiles.

Incorporating Marble Design Into Your Home Is Now Made Easy With The Advancement Of Technology

Every original marble is authentically recreated with all the advantages of ceramic and porcelain tiles, including:

  • Pure colours
  • Natural veins
  • Vivid tones
  • Transparent layering

Indoor floor and wall tiles with a marble look come in a variety of finishes. The freedom to select from a wide range of sizes and the option of reduced thicknesses make laying and installation possible in any location. Marble-effect mosaics and décor in fashionable forms and shapes add a distinctive touch to every room in the house.

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