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5 Ways To Use Concrete Design With Cementum By Niro Granite

5 Ways To Use Concrete Design With Cementum By Niro Granite

As a primary material, concrete is used widely in both the construction and design sector. This material has allowed monuments that are hundreds of years old to continue to exist. However, it is difficult to consider concrete to be fashionable.

In the 1970s, notably in the design of governmental buildings, the idea of employing bare, exposed concrete to produce fortress-like structures, which is also known as brutalism, gained popularity. Today, concrete is making a strong comeback as an essential component of “industrial interior design.”

Due to their distinctive appearance that is tricky to imitate with other materials, concrete fixtures are popular among homeowners.

Concrete Design With Cementum

Additionally, concrete’s versatility makes it simple to include with virtually any design style, such as:

  • Farmhouse
  • Bohemian
  • Industrial
  • Minimalist

The concrete design also helps a room feel balanced and allows for a seamless transition with other materials like wood, metal and more. You can incorporate concrete design into your home in a number of different ways. So let’s look at the five most common ways to use concrete design to enhance your space.


Let’s begin by discussing concrete as a flooring material, as this is where some major benefits and drawbacks are present. Being resistant to liquid spills and hard to damage, concrete tiles and floors are easy to install and very durable.

Concrete is a popular choice for architecturally-minded homes because it enables a single flooring material to run throughout all rooms to create a sense of harmony. Additionally, concrete can be combined with other flooring materials to provide intriguing effects, such as using tiles to create a rug-like feature.

Because concrete is so firm, it may be hard on feet, toddlers, and anybody else who falls. As with any other hard flooring material, area rugs can be used to improve comfort when placed on concrete.


A room’s bold, contemporary appearance can be enhanced by concrete walls. Additionally, concrete can be used as an accent wall or cover an entire space’s wall. Concrete, however, feels colder and has a more industrial appearance. Therefore, it’s best to balance it with warm and inviting features and design to prevent the space from becoming harsh or lifeless.

Counter Tops

While concrete appears sleek in contemporary homes, it may also be used with cabinetry with a more classic or transitional aesthetic. With its rugged texture, cool grey concrete is an excellent match for elegant brass cabinet hardware and a warm mid-tone stained wood, like walnut or oak.

Concrete’s inherent simplicity allows for the creation of stunning waterfall edges on countertops that feel architectural without being overpowering.

concrete walls malaysia
Concrete tiles malaysia

Bathroom Spaces

Tile is frequently the first material that comes to mind in bathrooms as a water-resistant wall covering. However, a concrete wall treatment is another stylish method of waterproofing a wall and provides a spa-like feeling of tranquillity. It can be applied strategically in certain places, such as a shower or uniformly throughout.


Using concrete design to decorate your home is a terrific method to do so in a less permanent manner. With decor, you can add sophistication to your home if you don’t want to rebuild, aren’t planning to build a new house, or don’t feel like taking on a major job. It is possible to work with bigger concrete components, like furniture.

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Other furniture that can give a space a sleek, industrial feel without dominating the space include:

  • Concrete lighting fixtures
  • Coffee tables
  • End tables
  • Lamp stands

Additionally, you may add a touch of concrete with tiny objects like plants, bookends, and more.

The Creative Ways To Incorporate Concrete Design In Your Home Are Endless

Although concrete is a popular component for outdoor living areas and décor, it is also quickly increasing in popularity for interior design. It’s even one of the suggestions for rustic living room and kitchen design! There are numerous methods to include concrete in your custom house design, whether you go all out or add a touch.

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