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7 Effective Tips To Mixing And Matching Tiles In A Space

7 Effective Tips To Mixing And Matching Tiles In A Space

Tile design is more than just following the latest trends; it’s an opportunity to tell a story with your space in a way no one else can. The creative use of different tile sizes, shapes, colours, and patterns can be seen as a canvas painting. 

So, if you’re ready to break away from the mundane and embrace the extraordinary, let’s go on this journey together. Discover the secrets to designing a room that perfectly embodies your unique character, down to the last tile with a backstory and the decor that reflects your specific aesthetic.

Establish A Theme

Choosing an aesthetic theme is the first step towards seamlessly transitioning between your floor and wall tiles. By making a decision before making any purchases, you can significantly reduce your options and tile selections because you will also be aware of your preferences regarding what you don’t want, which is equally as important as what you do want. 

There are various themes that can be used, such as: 

  • Mid-century modern
  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial
  • Contemporary

Alternatively, you might take a broader approach and concentrate on a colour scheme you prefer, or you may base your design on a particular emotion you want to communicate. This is an excellent opportunity to let your imagination run wild and be creative. Compile a word list that speaks to you, or create a mood board. 

There is no right or wrong way to go about this; your decisions will reflect your unique character and sense of style.

Understand Kitchen Balance

Understand Balance

Selecting kitchen tiles is much easier if you’ve settled on a design scheme. When it comes to colour coordination, you should pick colours that either go well together or contrast in a visually pleasing way. For instance, black and white are a timeless pairing that looks outstanding despite their contrast.

If you’re searching for a kitchen tile combination that’s more dramatic, blue and orange can work great together. Muted tones are the way to go to achieve a more subtle effect. To achieve visual harmony, you can incorporate both large and small tiles.



Elevation Planning

As not all tiles are made equal, pay attention to your selection’s varying thicknesses. For instance, while most tiles are 8-12mm thick, there are thin tiles like Niro Granite Slim which are 6mm thick, and also extra thick tiles like Niro Granite Step, which are 20mm thick. This is significant because a dip or protruding edges may appear in the transition between adjacent tiles. Be deliberate in your tile selection and placement so all tiles lay flat once installed.

Before deciding on an arrangement for your kitchen tiles, lay the tiles you plan to use on the ground to see if there are any problems. Are there any rough edges? Does any corner differ from the others? Is there a variation in tile thickness? You should look for elements like these, especially if you want to mix and match floor tiles. However, you can always hire a professional tile cutter to cut the tiles so they lay flat.

Focus On A Colour Scheme

There are times when keeping to a colour scheme is more important than mixing and matching. As most people don’t begin a renovation project with a blank slate, selecting tile colours that harmonise with existing decor is vital. The tile should not have too many contrasting colours or patterns to prevent the room from feeling disorganised.

Choose a colour scheme that complements a range of design trends and can be used in various rooms. To create a unified design throughout the property, you can incorporate wall or floor tiles. Besides that, using wall tiles for an accent wall is a brilliant concept.

Tile Sizes And Shapes

Incorporate Various Sizes And Shapes

By contrasting larger, more eye-catching tiles with smaller, more understated ones, you can make a striking pattern that will make any space feel more vibrant. To create an eye-catching contrast, combine bigger square or rectangular tiles with hexagonal or mosaic tiles. 

If you like something more modern, try mixing long rectangular tiles with smaller square ones. Mixing and matching tile sizes and shapes can help create a distinctive and eye-catching design, whether you’re using it for your kitchen tiles, bathroom wall or floor.




Use Different Finishings

Tiles come in a broad range of finishes, which is one of their best features. This gives homeowners a lot more room for creativity and experimentation. While a consistent finish throughout the home is nice, you should explore the aesthetic potential of combining different materials and styles. 

Using different finishes can add slight contrast and texture to your living space. For example, you could choose matte tile edging with a glossy tile wall. As an alternative, you could combine matte and glossy floor tiles to give your floor the appearance of a chessboard. 

As long as it doesn’t compromise the product’s performance, mixing and matching different finishes can create a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

Tile Finishings

The Versatility Of Tiles Allows You To Create A Unique Space In Your Home 

You’ve opened up a world of limitless possibilities for your space by understanding the art of mixing and matching tiles. With the help of these practical tips, you are now the designer of a room that successfully blends creativity with functionality, tradition with innovation, and harmony with contrast. Your home is now a blank canvas, and each tile is a stroke of a brush that tells a story that is uniquely yours.

Always keep in mind that the design field is open and inviting, full of possibilities for you to showcase your unique sense of style. For example, your kitchen tiles can reflect your love of food, showcase your artistic talent, and create a cosy, welcoming environment that feeds both body and soul.

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