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7 Unique Ways To Tile Your Kitchen

7 Unique Ways To Tile Your Kitchen

We tile our kitchens from the floors to the walls for several reasons, including matching the existing decor, adding a pop of colour, and protecting the walls from backsplashes and spills. Therefore, it’s crucial to have original kitchen tile designs if you intend to have your kitchen be the focal point of your house.

As opposed to painted walls, kitchen walls made of tiles are easier to clean and less likely to stain. But when it comes to kitchen design, everyone has distinct needs and limitations regarding space and financial resources.

If you’re debating whether to adhere to a neutral colour scheme to be safe in the long term or to break the rules and express your distinctive style, here are seven unique ways to tile your kitchen.

Not Every Wall Needs To Be Tiled

Kitchen wall tiles’ primary function is to shield the wall from splashes. While you might assume you need kitchen tile designs for all four walls. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you could work with installing a backsplash solely in the vicinity of the wall’s most vulnerable spots to spills and splatters.

Incorporate Tiles On The Kitchen Floor

If your kitchen has busy countertops and walls, and you’d love to have a lot of patterned wall tiles but worry that it will make the room look congested, look no further than your floors.

To avoid appearing too cluttered while experimenting with multiple textures and colours in your kitchen, keep the remainder of the space in a neutral or basic colour scheme. This will allow the distinctiveness of the rest of the design to speak for itself.

For an example of a tile with a neutral design, check out Le-Pedra by Portino.

Play With Geometric Patterns

If you want to use two distinct colours or patterns for the walls and the floor, incorporate at least a solid neutral colour that will match well with the pattern and hues on the other. While one will improve the space’s aesthetic, the other will even it out and make it appear less cluttered.

To establish more openness and room on the countertop, select basic, brighter kitchen wall tiles and leave the motifs and colours for the floor tiles. If you’re designing a compact modular kitchen, combine geometric designs with a combination of bright and subdued colours to add a decorative touch – such as those on Techny by Muzze Da!

Incorporate Painted Walls With Tiles

Colour blocking is one of the most popular trends in home decor, and the easiest place to attempt it is on a wall that may offer a pleasing appearance. For instance, you could have a corner with exposed shelves and a bold colour in the background while pairing it with neutral-coloured tiles at the bottom. To incorporate a touch of flair, you could decorate the shelves with items that are of a similar tone.

A great way to match painted walls with tiles is by using textured surfaces, like the wood design on Timber by Zirconio.

Match The Tiles Of Your Walls To The Floor

Combining prints may be a crucial part of several people’s unique styles. Additionally, our individual tastes frequently appear in our homes’ designs.

The kitchen is the perfect area to explore this concept because you don’t have to worry about designing a room for guests and can focus on establishing a space to call your own.

And don’t be hesitant to deviate from the norm when using any kitchen tile pattern. If you’re concerned that things might become overly cluttered, get ideas from the cabinets, which are painted a complementary solid colour.

Add Prints To Just The Backsplash

Having trouble committing to a bold pattern for your kitchen? Adding just patterned tiles to your backsplash allows you to save costs and helps add a pop of texture to your kitchen without making it too busy.

Moreover, incorporating patterned tiles to just your backsplash helps an otherwise muted space to be the kitchen’s focal point.

Use The Right Grout

Simple white square tiles have the power to make or break a room’s design. To create an aesthetically pleasing kitchen with just white square tiles, you could pair it with contrasting grout that would highlight the geometric shape of the tiles.

White square tiles may look outdated when combined with dull fixtures that haven’t been refreshed in a long time. As such, you can create a fresh look without retiling by updating and changing the colour of your existing tiles’ grouting.

Create A Kitchen Design That You Will Be Proud Of To Show Your Guests.

There are numerous surfaces and materials to take into account while designing your kitchen. The majority of tiles can be installed in kitchens, regardless of whether you’re searching for one that mimics the look and feel of actual stone or hoping to go more ornamental with a geometric tile.

Use kitchen tile designs to give your walls a wow effect while making a practical and design-driven decision.

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