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Caring For Your Outdoor Floor Tiles: From Cleaning To Grout

Caring For Your Outdoor Floor Tiles: From Cleaning To Grout

Outdoor tiles are a stunning addition to any property, but they require maintenance, much like any patio or stone, to keep them looking their best. Despite the fact that cleaning your outdoor tile patio might not sound like the most enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, it just requires a few straightforward steps and has significant benefits.

Depending on whether your patio is made of concrete, natural stone or flagstone, or the increasingly popular porcelain patio tiles, the best approach to cleaning it will differ.

So, let’s look at how you can bring your outdoor floor tiles in Malaysia back to their original and remarkable state.

Outdoor Floor Tiles

Cleaning Outdoor Floor Tiles

It’s essential to clean your patio tiles regularly to keep them looking good and maintain their structural integrity. By eliminating the harmful contaminants that might cause erosion and wear, you can ensure that your magnificent patio tiles remain fresh and elegant for years to come.

Things you will need:

  • Hose or bucket
  • Firm-bristled broom
  • Natural or synthetic brush
  • Tile cleaner/ dishwashing liquid
  • Oxygen bleach solution

Ways to clean outdoor floor tiles

As homeowners look for alternatives to the standard concrete paving and slabs that are all too common in most gardens, there has been a big growth in interest in outdoor tiles in recent years. Choosing outdoor tiles has a ton of advantages, like:

One of the key advantages of outdoor tiles over more conventional outdoor paving is their ease of cleaning, as dirt, mould, and algae can be removed using tile cleaners without the need for a jet washer.

Ways to clean outdoor floor tiles

Here are the ways to clean your outdoor floor tiles.


It’s crucial to get rid of any loose material, like dirt, leaves, and twigs that have accumulated since your last cleaning, before using any cleaning products or treatments on your tiles. To ensure that nothing will get in your way when cleaning the tiles with water and solvent, use a broom or leaf blower to clear the area.

Light Dirt

If tiles are only mildly dirty without stubborn stains, they can be cleaned with a dishwashing liquid and plain water combination. Tiles that are mildly dirty are a result from the outdoor space being dusty from foot traffic or even a strong gust of wind.

To clean the space, scrub the tiles with a brush after combining the two in a bucket. Rinse again well after that. After thorough washing, let the patio air dry. The tiles will regain their radiance quickly.

Heavy Dirt

A more powerful solution may be necessary to remove stubborn stains from your tiles to help you give your tiles a new lease on life. Stubborn stains may include:

  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Deeply embedded dirt

Start by combining warm water and the tile cleaner 1:1. For optimal effectiveness, apply the solution to the problematic spot and let it sit for up to 15 minutes before agitating with a stiff-bristled brush.

With a softer brush, scrub any residue from the agitation process and repeat until the affected areas are spotless. Before using any sealants or allowing foot traffic on the tiles, thoroughly rinse the area with lots of water and let it dry completely.

Sealing Your Tiles

Due to the manufacturing process, which effectively protects the tiles for their practical lifetime, some tiles, like porcelain tiles, may not need to be sealed. Unlike porcelain tiles, strong products like paving or tile made of stone, slate, or marble, need to be sealed. Adding a sealer will help maintain your tiles in excellent condition for years to come.

Prior to using a sealant, ensure the area has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. Apply with a light brush or cloth and wait at least two hours between coats. After about an hour, use a soft fluff-free cloth to remove any excess sealant from the surface.

The product should be dry in two hours, but it may take up to three days to become completely resistant.

Cleaning External Grout

Utilising an oxygen bleach solution is the easiest and least expensive option. You mix a powder called oxygen bleach with water. This is not to be confused with the chlorine bleach found in white bottles at the grocery store as oxygen bleach isn’t toxic.

Pour the oxygen bleach mixture over the tile and grout after thoroughly mixing it. Allow it to work on its own for 30 minutes to an hour. If the solution soaks into the grout, add more until there is a standing layer of liquid.

You’ll notice that the grout is being cleaned by numerous tiny bubbles. After the waiting period is up, scrub the grout with a firm brush before rinsing. Let it air dry. It will look the best when the grout dries in a few hours.

Different Type Of Tiles

Ways To Clean Different Type Of Tiles

Different tile types call for various cleaning techniques. To make sure your tiles stay in prime condition, it is best to carry out basic research first. Each material can react differently to cleaning agents.

Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles

The rules for cleaning outdoor porcelain and ceramic tiles are straightforward. Due to their durability and appeal for minimum maintenance, these resilient and long-lasting tiles are popular.

Follow the instructions above to clean these tiles. Additionally, it is advisable to use a pH-neutral cleanser on porcelain and ceramic tiles. Watch the tiles sparkle as you clean and dry them!

Marble Tiles

When it comes to cleaning your stunning marble tiles, the milder, the better. Since marble is a soft, porous material, it should only be cleaned carefully to prevent scratches and stains.

Marble, when properly cared for, can age gracefully and retain its refined, elegant appearance for many years. To protect your marble, use a pH neutral cleaning and avoid acidic solutions and harsh scrubbing brushes.

Slate and Natural Stone Tiles

As with marble tiles, it’s recommended to stay away from anything acidic and use a pH-neutral cleaner for cleaning slate and natural stone tiles. Acidic cleaners may deteriorate the slate and may result in cracks that demand costly repairs or possible replacement. The procedure is the same if you need clarification about how to clean rough outdoor tiles.

Maintain Your Outdoor Tiles To Prevent Costly Repairs

Your patio tiles are an investment for your house that, with the proper maintenance, may last you for many years. To ensure you’re selecting the best solution, it’s wise to conduct some research before cleaning your outdoor tiles.

Don’t be afraid to contact a tile specialist who can help you if you need advice on where to begin or if you have any questions regarding the best options.

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