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Choosing Tiles for Staircases

Choosing Tiles for Staircases

Staircases in a home or commercial establishment do not serve only as a means of going up or down but also serve as style and design or a focal point of the space. When it comes to selecting tiles for a staircase, there are various factors to consider before making a decision.


Most staircases are considered high-traffic areas with many different feet treading on them daily. It is best to use a durable, easy-to-clean tile surface that can last for years.  Matt surfaced tiles are good choices as they are durable while dirt is not highly visible.


Staircases are areas that are prone to falling accidents therefore, minimizing the risk and lowering fall impacts are important factors especially for homes with young children or elderly occupants. Tiles with higher friction or anti-slip tiles are good selections in minimizing the accident risk. The grooved surface of tiles increases the adhesion to the ground and protects against slipping.

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Lowering Fall Impact

Tiles are generally hard, but it is still a good choice for staircases due to their aesthetic and durability features. To minimize the impact of falls, laying a carpet runner on your staircase will lower the impact. Consider tiles in  darker colours  for this approach. They will serve as a complementary backdrop to the runner that you select.


As staircases are focal points in both homes and commercial establishments, creating an artistic design with tiles is easily achievable.

  • Wood-surfaced tile
    Wood surfaced tiles are long planks and available in sizes of 30 x 150cm. Each piece of wood tile is able to cover the tread of the staircase resulting in a beautiful, natural finish with no grout lines.
  • Tile colours
    Tiles come in various colours allowing you to mix and match and showcase your work of art. Laying different tiles on the riser and the tread is an option too. During this process, incorporating the right colours helps bring out a particular mood for your home. For example, white or shades of brighter coloured tiles can make your space look bright and spacious while darker shades add boldness to your space. Combining beige and wood-look tiles are safe bets for a relaxed ambiance while matt marble-look tiles add luxury and sophistication to your space.
  • Mosaics
    Mosaics are artistic pieces that give an exceptional and exquisite look when applied to stair risers. The staircase will definitely be the focal point of the space with an artsy look.

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