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Four ways to upgrade your home on a budget

Four ways to upgrade your home on a budget

Your home is a reflection of yourself, and as such, it’s natural to want to make improvements in order for it to feel like your safe haven. While large tasks like replacing your bathroom or flooring can be expensive, there are plenty of smaller changes you can make around your home without breaking the bank. In this article, we explore three budget-friendly ways to upgrade your home and transform it into something you can be proud of.

1. Add some colour

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to upgrade your home is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Whether it’s painting your walls, doors, baseboards, or even stair railings, a new color can instantly breathe new life into a space. Painting is also a relatively simple task that can be done by even the most novice DIY’ers, making it an excellent starting point on your home renovation journey.

While traditionally the baseboards, door, and stair railings would be spared from a lick of paint, it’s becoming increasingly popular to add some color to these elements. It can help create a more cohesive look, with some homeowners even going as far as to paint the ceiling the same colour too.If budget allows, opt for a feature wall or decorate with mosaic tiles to add a splash of colour.

2. DIY kitchen fixtures

Upgrading your kitchen is a task that might seem intimidating, but there are actually a variety of budget-friendly tasks that can be done to improve it. Rather than seeking out a professional to completely revamp your kitchen, consider working with what you already have to make it fit your desired aesthetic.

For example, kitchen cabinets can be expensive to replace, so why not transform your existing ones? With a bit of sanding and priming, they can easily be repainted to better fit with your home and make them look brand new. You can also replace the handles or knobs for an extra touch.

Similarly, buying new kitchen countertops is often something that homeowners put off due to the cost. However, you can actually refurbish your existing countertops into something just as professional-looking. With some marble-effect spray paint, resin and a base color of your choice, you can create a marble finish that closely resembles one you’d pay hundreds if not thousands for.

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3. Replace hardware

Sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference. You may not give the hardware and outlets around your home a second thought, but upgrading them can instantly elevate its appearance. By replacing your existing wall outlets, light switches, and door knobs with sleek and modern alternatives, you can give your home a sophisticated and stylish look.

Although the process of replacing outlets and switches might seem intimidating, as long as you switch off the power before you start working, it’s hard to go wrong. You’ll just need to reattach the wires in the same place they were before, and you’re all set.

4. Embrace creativity

Upgrading your home doesn’t mean you have to wait until you have a big budget. With a bit of creativity and research, you can gradually upgrade small details and transform your space into your dream home.

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