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How can you use paving to create a low-maintenance garden?

Spending time in the garden is an excellent way to get fresh air and make the most of good weather, but for busy families garden maintenance can be a barrier to enjoying their time outdoors. Paving can be a handy tool for creating low-maintenance gardens. If you’re considering a redesign to cut down on garden upkeep, consider these four ideas for using paving.

1. Pave the whole garden and have potted plants

If you don’t want to have to worry about mowing lawns, pruning shrubs or pulling weeds from flower beds, you could simply pave the majority of your outdoor space. For a splash of greenery use decorative potted plants and shrubs. These are much easier to maintain than lawns and flowerbeds and they have the benefit of being easily moved around or replaced when you want to change up the appearance of your garden.

2. Divide the garden into zones

Large gardens can make you feel overwhelmed with the amount of maintenance they require. A good way to address this is to divide the garden into zones with the help of paving and paths. Garden zoning can help you make the most of your outdoor space by transforming it into a multifunctional area that the whole family can enjoy.

The kids can have their own play area while the parents can have a peaceful relaxation zone with a comfy outdoor couch. You could even have a wild zone where you let wildflowers grow freely to benefit insects and wildlife. Paving and tiles are a great way to create separation between zones, and you can experiment with raising and lowering areas of the garden to make them feel more private. Trees, shrubs, trellises, pergolas, flower beds and lighting can also help to create separation between zones.

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3. Create an outdoor kitchen dining room

There’s evidence that eating in a natural setting can help us to make healthier food choices. If you regularly enjoy al fresco dining, you can turn your garden into an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Pave a spacious area close to your house, install a cooking area with a grill and workspace, and get a good quality outdoor dining set. A pergola could provide shade or help to dapple the light to keep you cool if the area is often in direct sunlight while anti-slip flooring provides a secure cooking environment.

4. Lay paths to raised beds

We might think that low-maintenance gardens can help to alleviate stress, but doing a small amount of yard work could actually be more beneficial for our stress levels than doing none at all. Those who garden every day have 4.2% lower stress levels than those who don’t.

Spending time outdoors on a fulfilling hobby like gardening can be great for mental health, so if you like the idea of growing your own vegetables or tending to a modest flowerbed, consider installing raised beds. These can save your back by eliminating the need to bend down, making weeding and maintaining the beds as convenient as possible. Use paving to lay paths to and around your raised beds so you don’t have to worry about trampling down grass or churning up mud as you work.

Plan your low-maintenance garden

Now you have some ideas for how to use paving in your low-maintenance garden, you can get started planning your backyard redesign.

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