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How To Pick The Ideal Tile For An Entryway

How To Pick The Ideal Tile For An Entryway

Choosing tiles for your entryway can be fun, but it is not as easy as you might think. While it is tempting to choose eye-catching and trendy tiles to make a stylish statement, there are far more critical factors that need to be considered, whether for wall or floor tiles.

The entryway, being the first space your guests encounter, plays a crucial role in setting the tone for your home. It needs to make a great first impression and withstand all the foot traffic coming in and out of your home.

Want to make your entryway more inviting yet practical? Keep reading this article to discover how to pick the ideal tiles for your entryway, which offer both aesthetic appeal and durability for a lasting impression for you and your guests.

Expect All Types Of Mess

A space that experiences the most foot traffic in a home is bound to be messy. When choosing tiles for your entryway, consider the types of mess that are usual for your home. From muddy shoe prints to spills, choosing the right tile can help make the mess easier to handle.

To make cleaning and maintaining the entryway easier, opt for materials like ceramic and porcelain stone tiles that can withstand dirt, moisture, and heavy foot traffic. Selecting tiles that offer both durability and easy maintenance ensures your entryway remains a practical and inviting space for years to come.

No-Slip Tiles

To ensure safety in your entryway, prioritise no-slip tiles, especially for homes with elderly and young children. Look for options with textured surfaces or matte finishes that provide traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially in wet conditions.

Floor tiles with textured surfaces like natural stone can offer durability and slip resistance. By choosing tiles designed to prevent accidents, you can prioritise the safety of your household while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your entry space.

Conceals Dirt

Not many people have the time and energy to clean their entryways daily. If you’re one of those people, selecting tiles that effectively conceal dirt is crucial to maintaining the appearance of your entryway, camouflaging footprints, spills, or stains.

Dark-coloured or patterned tiles effectively mask dirt and stains between cleanings. By prioritising this aspect in your tile selection process, you minimise the visibility of everyday mess while creating a welcoming space for peace of mind.


Like any other material, tiles are susceptible to wear and tear damage from heavy use. Look for durable materials like sintered natural stone or porcelain and ceramic, which are known for their resilience against heavy foot traffic and moisture.

Investing in durable tiles guarantees a long-lasting and functional entryway space. They are often easier to clean and maintain, ensuring your entryway remains in top condition for years.

Make An Impression

If you’re looking to impress your guests and leave them mindblown, consider eclectic tiles. Look for tiles with bold or intricate patterns, vibrant colours, or unique textures to create a memorable entryway into your home.

Additionally, you can make an impression on your guests with uniquely designed tile patterns to elevate the space further, on either the wall or the floor. As long as there is a balance between aesthetics and durability, your entryway will exude personality and charm while withstanding daily use.

High-Traffic Area

While many may see it as an unused space, it is a high-traffic area with people coming in and out often. By prioritising durable and resilient tiles, your entryway tiles will last long despite constant use.

Look for options with textured finishes for added traction, and consider darker shades or intricate patterns to conceal wear and tear. By considering this, you are guaranteed a functional and enduring entryway that maintains its integrity and appeal over time.

Patterned Tiles
Large Tiles

Consider Larger Tiles

If your entryway is small, opt for large tiles when designing your entryway. Larger tiles create an illusion of spaciousness, visually expanding the area to make it feel more open and inviting.

Additionally, fewer grout lines mean less maintenance and a cleaner appearance. Opting for soft-coloured tiles like white, cream, or pastel hues can also enhance the space’s sense of brightness and airiness.

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