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How To Properly Maintain Your Home Marble Tiles

How To Properly Maintain Your Home Marble Tiles

Using marble to design your home is a great choice as it offers your interior a stylish and sleek appearance. Moreover, adding marble inlays to various parts of your home will also enhance its inherent elegance. Your guests will be impressed by an inlaid design on your marble flooring, kitchen backsplash, countertops, or shower, and you will be pleased with your living area.

If you’re looking to design your home in a traditional style or even a mid-century modern concept, marble tiles are ideal to include into your plan. From its natural veining to the range of colour blends in the tiles, marble tiles will offer a polished and brilliant appearance to your space.

However, for the marble tiles to retain its eye-catching appearance, it will require regular maintenance and cleaning. Let’s take a look at why it’s important to protect your marble tiles and how to properly maintain them.

Properly Maintain Your Home Marble Tiles
Importance of Protecting Your Marble Tiles

The Importance of Protecting Your Marble Tiles

The best way to protect any porous natural and human-made tiles is through sealing, whether they are composed of natural materials or man-made ones. There are several benefits to sealing and coating tiles, one of which is that it lessens staining by keeping substances that result in stains at the surface rather than allowing them to penetrate the tiling.

Tile deterioration can occur over time, however sealing can help prevent deterioration and contamination while also extending the life of your flooring to exceptional quality.

Ways to Care for Your Marble Tiles

The benefit of marble tiles is that you can restore its natural shine with a thorough cleaning. It is not at all necessary for you to remove the tiles to install new marble flooring. It is also possible to complete this cleaning process efficiently with minimal professional assistance.

Seal Once a Year

Any professional supplier or tiler of natural stones would prescribe a minimum of two coats of sealing procedure to be applied, once before and once after grouting. However, sealing marble tiles is a maintenance aspect of your tiles that should be repeated at least once a year, sometimes more frequently, depending on the traffic your tiles are exposed to as well as the cleaning intervals.

If you have marble floors or vanities, a sealer will prevent stains from setting in and give you more time to wipe up any spills.

Furniture Care

We are all aware that homes will likely have a wide variety of furniture. Owners of marble floors often overlook this crucial aspect of maintenance.

As various types of furniture tend to be moved around,this might result in scratches on your marble flooring. So we advise using protective pads underneath furniture feet such as couches, tables, chairs, TV cabinets, etc.

Additionally, since dirt can regularly fall from flower pots and end up on your floor, where it could stain your tiles, we advise adding a protective layer underneath any flower pots.

Clean Up Spills Quickly

The easiest way to protect your valuable marble surfaces is to wipe spills immediately. Any spills should be cleaned up with a damp rag.

Use a damp rag and water that has been diluted with a mild detergent to remove dried food from the tile. Wipe the stains away until they are removed. Take note that all-purpose cleansers and even homemade cleaning solutions that contain lemon or vinegar might damage the finish on your marbles, so avoid using them.

Furniture Care Malaysia
protect your valuable marble surfaces

Cleaning Products Required for Marble Tiles

Regular cleaning of marble surfaces is necessary for upkeep and maintenance. It is important to avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia, bleach or acids for regular cleaning. Any acid used with harsh materials could cause etches, which appear as dull areas on the marble tile surface.

Additionally, it needs to stay away from abrasive cleaning supplies. Marble countertops should not be cleaned using products intended for granite. Even when cleaning the bathroom, use only bathroom and tile cleaners specifically designed for marble tile.

Here are some examples of cleaners needed to clean marble tiles:

A pH-neutral cleaner

Use a pH-neutral cleanser made specifically for marble tile instead of acidic cleaners. A pH-neutral cleaner can be identified at the store by its label.

Always read the manufacturer’s directions on the bottle when using commercial cleansers. Before using any new products to clean your marble inlays, test them on a discrete, small area first.

Ammonia mixture with hydrogen peroxide

Ammonia should only be used to remove tough stains from marble surfaces. When ammonia is combined with certain substances, particularly bleach, it can be toxic. If you are using this, remember to open a window or put on a fan to ensure enough airflow while using ammonia to clean.

Cleaning Products Required for Niro Tiles

Maintaining marble tiles is important but it can also be a hassle to most. However, Niro’s marble tiles do not require heavy cleaning and maintenance. The products that you need are just dish soap, water and a cloth.

To make your homemade cleaner for these types of tiles, combine warm water and one tablespoon of mild dish soap in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture to mix the soap and water thoroughly. After consuming food and preparing meals, you can safely use this DIY cleaning solution on Niro’s marble countertops.

Get Marble Tiles That Are Easy To Clean

If you are looking to have marble tiles in your home without the trouble of constantly maintaining it, then Niro tiles will be perfect for you. Not only will the tiles look and feel like natural marble but you can achieve the elegant style at an affordable price as well.

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