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How To Use Tiles In Small Kitchens To Make The Space Bigger

How To Use Tiles In Small Kitchens To Make The Space Bigger

Small kitchens may seem cosy, but they often pose a unique challenge in practicality and functionality. In the realm of interior design, they often demand extra creativity to optimise the space without compromising on the aesthetics.

Among the many solutions to make a small kitchen seem bigger, tiles have been at the forefront as a transformative tool. Incorporating tiles in a small kitchen creates an illusion of spaciousness in the compact space without compromising style and aesthetics.

From playing with the tile’s colour palettes to patterns that trick the eyes, these subtle yet impactful techniques can affect how we perceive and use space. Read more to learn how kitchen tiles can help make your small kitchen bigger with a few tips and tricks.

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Incorporate Patterns And Colourful Tiles

A common misconception in interior design is that patterns and colours should be avoided when working with smaller spaces. However, patterns and colours can be effective tools when done right, adding character and dimension to a compact space. For example, patterned and colourful tiles can add depth to your small kitchen.

To ensure you’re incorporating patterned and colourful tiles correctly, add contrasting colours, like black and white pattern tiles, to add layers of tonal design, further enhancing the depth and space of your small kitchen. Other than that, add quirky patterned tiles that help create an illusion of a bigger space, whether it be across the walls or as floor tiles.

Utilise Different Sizes And Shapes

Another trick to enlarge small kitchens is to diversify the sizes and shapes of tiles. Utilising different sizes and shapes of tiles introduces a dynamic visual rhythm that can captivate the eye, diverting attention away from the confined space.

With cleverly placed geometric patterns or mosaic arrangements from the different tile sizes and shapes, it creates an engaging interior that extends the perspective of a space, blurring the edges of the space. Not only does the mix of various shapes and sizes add visual interest, but it also creates an illusion of depth and breadth. This harmonious blend of tile shapes and sizes redefines a small space, turning it into a bigger and visually appealing one

Different Sizes And Shapes of Tiles
Bigger Tiles To Open Up The Area

Pick Bigger Tiles To Open Up The Area

If you want to make your small kitchen bigger, choose bigger tiles! This is the simplest trick in the book, as larger tiles help expand an area just from visual illusion. This is because larger tiles mean fewer grout lines, leading to fewer visual boundaries that section out a space.

Whether on your kitchen walls or floors, bigger tiles open up the area. The bigger the tiles, the finer the grout lines, making the space more seamless and expansive. However, the advantages don’t stop there: bigger tiles are also easier to clean, thanks to their fewer grout lines. 

Embrace Textured Surfaces

Textured tiles are a powerful design element that contributes to the illusion of a bigger space. In small kitchens, the tactile qualities of textured tiles add depth and visual interest by creating subtle shadows that play with light. Instead of focusing on the size of the kitchen, attention is diverted to the textured tiles, allowing it to feel more dynamic and open.

Additionally, the play on light reflected from the textured surfaces of these tiles further enhances the overall brightness of the space. Thus, not only will your small kitchen seem bigger with textured tiles, but it will also make it brighter and more welcoming.

Embrace Textured Surfaces
Terrazzo Concrete Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Prioritise Tile Placement

While the way a tile looks plays an important role in creating the illusion of a bigger space in a kitchen, strategising tile placements are just as important, if not more, to maximise the space’s potential.

With a focus on your kitchen tile’s desired style, aesthetics, and functionality, prioritise certain areas, like backsplashes or focal points, to enhance the visual flow of your kitchen more strategically. This arrangement distracts from the confined dimensions and focuses on the illusion of expansiveness. 

Whether you opt for patterned tiles or tiles of various shapes and sizes, ensure you’ve prioritised the tile placement to enhance the spaciousness of your small kitchen further.

Ensure Durability Of The Tiles 

Does the durability of the tiles matter in making a small kitchen seem bigger? Absolutely. Tile durability ensures long-lasting functionality and plays a huge role in creating a visual illusion of a bigger space. Durable tiles can withstand wear and tear for years, minimising the need for frequent replacements or maintenance.

Fewer replacements, maintenance, and repairs for your kitchen tiles allow a more seamless and streamlined design throughout the space. This contributes to a more open and expansive feel in a small kitchen as it does not draw borders with different grout lines, cracks, or chips.

Create A Feature Wall With Tiles

If you’re a fan of feature walls but have a small kitchen with limited space, don’t worry. Creating a feature wall using tiles is a strategic design choice to magnify the space in smaller spaces. As the focal point of a room, all attention is drawn to the feature wall, distracting everyone from the confined space of the kitchen.

The best part about creating a feature wall with tiles is choosing whatever tile design you want, from various shapes and sizes to patterned and colourful tiles. The intentional design of a tiled feature wall helps make a small kitchen seem bigger and enhances the space’s aesthetic and visual appeal.

Feature Wall With Tiles

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