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Inside Niro Ceramic Group’s Seamless Supply Chain

Inside Niro Ceramic Group’s Seamless Supply Chain 

At Niro Ceramic Group, we take pride in our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to our customers worldwide. Central to this commitment is our robust and versatile global supply chain, meticulously crafted to ensure efficiency, reliability, and accessibility. 

Efficiency and Reliability

Our global supply chain serves as the backbone of our operations, facilitating the seamless delivery of our products to customers across the globe. With strategically located factories in Malaysia and Indonesia, coupled with warehouses spanning Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, and India, we guarantee timely delivery of our products to meet the demands of various projects. 

Total Warehouse Space: 87,000 square feet

Our extensive warehouse network provides ample storage space for our vast inventory, with a combined storage capacity of 6.6 million square feet of tiles, ensuring that our products are readily available for distribution whenever and wherever they are needed. 

Combined Production Capacity: 6.8 million square feet per year

Our manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Indonesia, established in 1988 and 1995 respectively, boast impressive production capacities, equipped with modern technology and fine-tuned quality control processes managed by a skilled and competent workforce to meet the growing demands of our customers worldwide. 

Contract Manufacturing for Innovation

In addition to our own manufacturing facilities, Niro Ceramic Group embraces contract manufacturing to foster innovation and broaden our product offerings. Through strategic partnerships with third-party manufacturers, we leverage their expertise to produce innovative products while maintaining the highest quality standards. 

Reaching Customers Where They Are

Recognising the importance of accessibility, our supply chain extends beyond manufacturing facilities to reach customers directly. Whether it’s through direct deliveries to project sites or retail storefronts, we ensure that our products are within reach of our customers. 

For large-scale projects or time-sensitive installations, we offer direct deliveries to project sites, guaranteeing that our products arrive precisely when and where they’re needed. Customers can also find our products at retail storefronts, including our Creative Lab outlets in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. These flagship stores not only showcase our extensive product range but also provide a hands-on experience for customers to explore different styles and designs. 

Furthermore, our partnership with Portino Dealer stores extends our reach across East and West Malaysia. These authorised dealers offer a wide selection of Niro Ceramic Group’s Portino tiles, providing customers with easy access to premium tiles and flooring solutions in their local communities. 

At Niro Ceramic Group, our global supply chain isn’t just about logistics — it’s about unlocking accessibility and ensuring that our products are readily available to meet the diverse needs of our customers. From manufacturing excellence to strategic partnerships and innovative distribution channels, we are dedicated to delivering value, innovation, and quality every step of the way. 

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