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Tips for a Stunning Instagram-Ready Outdoor Space

Tips for a Stunning Instagram-Ready Outdoor Space 

Where urban living often means limited outdoor space, the desire to create stunning and inviting outdoor areas has never been more prominent. Instagram, the social media platform known for its visual appeal and aesthetics, has played a significant role in popularising the concept of sharing these outdoor spaces with the world.

Space Maximisation Strategies 

Small outdoor areas like car porches, gardens, and balconies may seem limited at first glance, but with the right strategies, you can transform them into Instagram-worthy havens. Read on to know more about utilising and maximising these small spaces. 

Utilising Vertical Space 

  • Vertical space is your best friend in small outdoor areas. Install shelves, racks, or hanging planters to make the most of the airspace. 
  • Use wall-mounted shelves for potted plants, small decor items, or even a mini herb garden. 
  • Hanging plants add greenery and draw the eye upward, creating an illusion of a larger space. 
  • Long, vertical shaped tiles for flooring can also create a visual illusion and make the small space look larger 

Choosing Space-Saving Furniture and Decor

  • Foldable chairs and tables can be tucked away when not in use, freeing up valuable floor space. 
  • Consider transparent or lightweight furniture that doesn’t visually clutter the area. 
  • Multi-functional elements are key to small outdoor spaces. Look for furniture that doubles as storage, such as benches with hidden compartments.
  • Use cushions that can serve as seating or transform into a cozy lounge area. 

Aesthetic Design and Decor Ideas 

Creating an Instagram-ready outdoor space in a small area is not just about maximising space; it’s also about infusing it with visual appeal and personality.  

Selecting a Colour Scheme and Theme

  • Begin by choosing a colour scheme and theme that aligns with your style and the surroundings. 
  • Create base colours that are soft and natural on the wall and floor for easy mix-and-match options. 
  • Add on furniture and other accessories in various colours. For a serene look, opt for soft pastels or cool blues and whites. For a vibrant, bohemian vibe, consider bold and eclectic colours.
  • Coordinate your outdoor furniture, cushions, and decor items to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

Choose the Right Tiles 

If your outdoor area has a solid surface like a balcony or car porch, consider the tiles you use carefully. Light-colored tiles can make a small space appear larger and brighter while patterned or mosaic tiles can add a touch of elegance or playfulness to your design.

Use Mirrors 

Mirrors can visually expand small spaces and add a touch of glamour. Consider hanging a decorative mirror on a wall or fence to create the illusion of a larger area while reflecting the beauty of your outdoor space. 

Create Ambiance with Lighting 

Good lighting can transform any space. Hang string lights, place lanterns, or install wall sconces to create a cosy atmosphere in your outdoor area. Soft, warm lighting can make your space feel inviting, especially in the evenings. 

Invest in Outdoor Art 

Outdoor art pieces can be a fantastic addition to your Instagram-ready space. Sculptures, wall art, or even repurposed vintage items can add character and style to your outdoor oasis. 

Video and Photo Editing for Instagram 

To take your Instagram game to the next level, consider video and photo editing tools: 

  • Use a video compressor to reduce the file size of your videos while maintaining quality, ensuring quick uploads and smooth playback. 
  • A video joiner can help you combine multiple clips into a seamless and engaging story of your outdoor space transformation. 
  • Utilize MP4 compressor tools to tweak video settings, such as resolution and frame rate, for optimal Instagram compatibility. 


Even in small outdoor spaces, creating a stunning Instagram-ready area is entirely possible with a little creativity and planning. By maximising your space, incorporating greenery, adding ambiance with lighting, and paying attention to details, you can transform your outdoor space into a picture-perfect paradise ready to be shared with the world on Instagram. Don’t forget to add your style and flair to make it uniquely yours! 

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